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Faith Fact Title Category
‘An Ordinance Forever’ – The Biblical Origins of the Mass Liturgy
Announcements at Mass Liturgy
Approved Biblical Translations for Mass Use Liturgy
Baptism of Desire Liturgy
Baptism: Is There a ‘Rite’ Time? Liturgy
Baptismal Fonts Liturgy
Catholic Funeral Rites–Common Questions Liturgy
Catholic-Protestant Weddings Liturgy
Children’s Masses: Don’t Play With the Word of God Liturgy
Children’s Masses: May Lay People Read the Gospel and Give the Homily? Liturgy
Christ’s Presence in the Mass Liturgy
Come, Worship the Lord!: Promoting Adoration of the Most Holy Eucharist Liturgy
Communion in the Hand: When Did it Start? Liturgy
Communion Services Liturgy
Communion Under Both Species Liturgy
Cross or Crucifix on the Altar Liturgy
Defending Our Rites – Constructively Dealing with Liturgical Abuse Liturgy

Dogmatizing Discipline:Papal Authority, Modifying the Mass and The Truth About Quo Primum
Elevation of the Host Liturgy
Eucharistic Consecration: Kneeling vs. Standing Liturgy
Eucharistic Exposition, Appropriate Devotional Activities During Liturgy
First Confession Before First Communion Liturgy
Gathering Around the Altar at the Consecration Liturgy
General Absolution Liturgy
Genuflecting Liturgy
God’s Gift to His Bride: Priestly Celibacy Liturgy

Holy Communion for Catholics Suffering from Celiac Sprue Disease, Alcoholism, or Other Related Diseases
How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place? The Placement of a Tabernacle in a Church Liturgy
I Confess: The Biblical Basis of the Sacrament of Reconciliation Liturgy
Indelible Characters of Ordination Liturgy
Intinction Liturgy
Invalid Masses Liturgy
Is the Washing of the Hands Required at Mass? Liturgy
Kneeling After Communion Liturgy
Lay Preaching Liturgy
Let the Children Come to Me: Why the Church Baptizes Babies Liturgy
Liturgical Dancing Liturgy
Location of the Choir during Mass Liturgy
Loss of the Clerical State Liturgy
May a Layperson Expose the Blessed Sacrament? Liturgy
Music during the Proclamation of Prayers at Mass Liturgy
Music in the Sacred Liturgy Liturgy
Norms for Confession Liturgy
Norms for Eucharistic Adoration with Exposition Liturgy
Norms for Infant Baptism Liturgy
One-Hour Fast Before Communion Liturgy
Posture after the Agnus Dei Liturgy
Postures and Gestures during the Mass Liturgy
Preparation of the Gifts: When to Stand Liturgy
Pro Multis: For ‘Many’ or For ‘All’? Liturgy
Proper Handling of the Species After Communion Liturgy
Proper Matter for Bread and Wine Used in Consecration Liturgy
Reception of Holy Communion Liturgy
Saturday Vigil Mass Liturgy
Self-Communication Liturgy
Signs of the Christ: Sacraments of the Church Liturgy
Smells, Bells, and Other Liturgical Odds and Ends Liturgy
Spiritual Parents: The Role of Godparents in the Catholic Church Liturgy
St. Blaise and the Blessing of Throats Liturgy
The Church’s Norms for Cremation Liturgy
The Gloria Liturgy

The Gospel Truth Concerning Lay Readers – The Role of the Laity During the Liturgy of the Word
The Graces of Confirmation Liturgy
The History of Daily Mass in the Church Liturgy
The Mass: Timeless and Changing Liturgy
The Placement of Gifts During Consecration Liturgy
The Sacrament of Confirmation Liturgy
The Washing of Feet on Holy Thursday Liturgy
This is My Body – Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist Liturgy
We Believe in One God…: The Nicene Creed at Mass Liturgy
What Must Be Done For A Valid Baptism? Liturgy
Who Receives Communion First? Liturgy
Why Not Women Priests? Liturgy