Emmaus Road Publishing – 10 Years Old and Going Strong

From the Sep/Oct 2008 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine

“Did not our hearts burn within us…while he opened to us the scriptures?” -Luke 24:32

Recognizing the great need for authentically Catholic Bible studies and formational materials, Scott Hahn, Curtis Martin, and Leon Suprenant, along with the staff and board of directors for Catholics United for the Faith, founded Emmaus Road Publishing n 1998. Their goal was to enkindle in Catholics a renewed ardor for their faith and a new desire to meet Christ through His Word.

The founders selected the name “Emmaus Road Publishing” based on the passage in Luke’s Gospel when the disciples encounter Jesus on the road to Emmaus. The disciples’ hearts burned within them when Jesus opened their eyes to the profound beauty and meaning of the Scriptures.

From its beginning, CUF’s mission has been “to support, defend, and advance the efforts of the teaching Church.” Emmaus Road Publishing is a natural outgrowth of CUF’s mission, producing materials that help Catholics to think with the Church and deepen their understanding of the faith.

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