German Edition of Faith and Life

CUF’s critically acclaimed Faith and Life elementary catechism series is now available in German. The “Glaube und Leben” series meets a real need for sound catechesis in Austria, where the new edition was translated and published.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna and general editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, wrote the following in his foreword to the German edition (translated into English by Madeleine Stebbins):

“The appearance of the reworked German edition, Glaube und Leben, of the American Faith and Life catechism is a cause of great joy. For the past two decades, Faith and Life has proven to be an excellent series for religious instruction in schools and family catechesis in the home. I know families who use this faith series and bear witness to the excellent fruit it has brought forth. To all who wish to transmit the faith to children
in schools or in the home, I recommend the Faith and Life series as a textbook of refreshing and high quality. Pray God this catechism series will give a strong impetus to the transmission of the faith and of Christian life in the German-speaking world.”

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Faith and Life Teachers’ Manuals

Teachers’ manuals provide catechists with complete lesson plans and resources to present lessons in dynamic and interesting ways.

Teachers’ Manuals include:

  • Lesson Overviews
  • “Chalk Talks” for blackboard use to help teacher visually explain key concepts in the lesson
  • Easy-to-follow directions for classroom activities for each lesson
  • Complete lesson plans with options for five day or one day presentations
  • Prayer experiences for each lesson
  • Copy masters for materials and activities to enrich lessons are provided for unlimited duplication
  • Practical suggestions for using art, photographs, music and questions as teaching tools
  • References to supporting materials and resources


The  teachers’ manuals feature daily lesson plans in a wrap-around format. In a large (9″x12″) page layout, the manuals facilitate speedy references and are perfectly coordinated with the textbooks, outlining an entire school year of plans for lessons, games, songs, and activities.

Also included are appendices with tests and quizzes for each chapter. Supplementing the teacher’s manuals (and providing much of the material necessary for the lesson plans) are the expanded activity books, featuring enjoyable and creative activities for children at every grade level.

The Faith and Life religion series has been hailed as a breakthrough in the field of religious education. It is a comprehensive Catholic program that combines beautiful classical and original artwork with a solid doctrinal and Scriptural presentation in an easy to read and stimulating format that is being praised by teachers, students, and parents everywhere.

The lessons in Faith and Life incorporate the four principal components of catechesis—the Creed, the Commandments, the Sacraments and Liturgy,
Prayer and Scripture.

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Faith and Life – Scope and Sequence

Grade One: Our Heavenly Father

(Student / Activity / Teacher)

Introduction to the Trinity, with emphasis on the life of Jesus, the plan of salvation, and the child’s part in the plan. Acquaints child with Mary, angels and saints. Child learns basic prayers.

Ch.1-8: The Old Testament, God our creator; our home in Heaven lost through original sin; the world prepares for the Savior.

Ch. 9-21: The Incarnation, life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus.

Ch. 22-28: The Holy Spirit, the Church, and Mary our mother.

To give the first grade student a basic introduction to God, the life of our Savior, and to prayer, with a special emphasis on growing to know, love, and trust God.

Grade Two: Jesus Our Life

(Student / Activity / Teacher)

Preparation for the first reception of the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion, with the law of God and salvation history as background. The lesson emphasizes God’s mercy and love. Covers Commandments, Creation and Redemption.

Ch. 1-16: God teaches us through his law; we obey through love.

Ch. 17-23: We find forgiveness of sins through Jesus’ sacrifice.

Ch. 24-34: We prepare for life in Heaven by reception of Jesus in the Eucharist and our life in the Church.

To prepare second grade students for Confession and Holy Communion, and to help them appreciate God’s love for them shown in these two sacraments. There is
an added emphasis on the order of the Mass and on prayer.

Grade Three: Our Life With Jesus

(Student / Activity / Teacher)

God’s plan of salvation, from creation to the Incarnation and Redemption to the birth of the Church at Pentecost and our life in the Church. Special emphasis on the importance of Confession, Communion and the Mass.

Ch. 1-7: The Old Testament covenant with God.

Ch. 8-14: Obedience through love of God and his laws. In Confession we meet Jesus in his mercy.

Ch. 15-25: The life of Jesus and Jesus in the sacrifice of the Mass.

Ch. 26-30: Our part in the Church born of the Holy Spirit; our relationship with Mary and the Communion of Saints.

To show the third grade students that they belong to God’s chosen people and the child’s family is an important part of God’s family, the Church. Also, to
encourage prayer and love for God’s law.

Grade Four: Jesus Our Guide

(Student / Activity / Teacher)

God’s plan to save his people from sin (Salvation History), how we participate in that plan, and the many ways God helps us in our pilgrimage on earth to Heaven through his word, his law, and his Church.


Ch. 1-14: The fall and the first murder. The sin and suffering of mankind. God chooses his people and their leaders.

Ch. 15-30: History changes when Jesus the King comes. Through grace, especially in the sacraments, we receive the strength to do good.

To help fourth grade students understand their purpose and goal in life, and to see God’s plan in history and society to lead us all to Heaven, our true, eternal home.

Grade Five: Credo: I Believe

(Student / Activity / Teacher)

A thorough study of the articles of the Creed as the basic belief of our Catholic faith, with a special emphasis on careful understanding of definitions through the words of the Gospels, and the prophets, and the prayers of the Church.

Unit 1: God the Father of All. The Old Testament and mankind’s participation in and loss of God’s life.

Unit 2: God the Son, the Redeemer. The fulfillment of God’s plan in Christ, God and Man.

Unit 3: God, the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier. Our call to holiness and witness in the Church.

To help fifth grade students acquire a solid and specific knowledge of God and his Church through the understanding of the Creed we profess, and the distinguished truths of our faith from error that leads away from love of God.

Grade Six: Following Christ

(Student / Activity / Teacher)

The blueprint for a life of love: the law of God, especially in the Ten Commandments, and the presence of Jesus in the Holy Mass. The interaction of the challenges of God’s law and his gifts of grace that help us fulfill his law.

Unit 1: The Ten Commandments. Forming the conscience and increasing closeness to God.

Unit 2: The Holy Mass. An emphasis on the Real Presence and Christ’s sacrifice and explanation of the parts of the Mass.

Unit 3: The Last Things. Death and God’s judgment of us, with an emphasis on the great happiness of Heaven.

To help the sixth grade student learn to love the law as Christ did and to cherish and love the Mass as our best prayer to God, and especially to revere and adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Grade Seven:
The Life of Grace

(Student / Activity / Teacher / Resource Binder)

Grace as our link with God, his gift to us to bring us to Himself and his eternal life, with an emphasis on transmission of grace through the seven sacraments and on God’s loving gifts of revelation, of himself through the prophets, the Incarnation, and the Church. The role of grace in developing the virtues.

Unit 1: God Reveals Himself. The revelation of God through creation, the prophets, and to the chosen people.

Unit 2: God becomes Man. Jesus, true God and true Man, Priest and Sacrifice.

Unit 3: God Shares His Life. The operation of grace in our lives, in developing the virtues especially through each sacrament.

To help the young person treasure the sacraments as indispensable to a full Christian life of love and truth. To understand how grace works in our soul and its relation to practicing the virtues and to appreciate our gifts of reason and faith.

Grade Eight:
Our Life in the Church

(Student / Activity / Teacher / Resource Binder)

The history of the Church–its founding by Christ, its birth in the Holy Spirit, the marks of the one, true Church, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, the saints and the role of the religious and laity up to the present. The structure of the Church Jesus planned, the role of the Magisterium, the clergy, the religious and the laity and our own vocations.

Unit 1: The Church. Christ’s plan for the Church’s structure and its necessary attributes; the Church’s teaching authority. The early Church: Martyrs, Fathers, Saints and Mary.

Unit 2: The Christian in the World. Religious and laity, Holy Orders, Marriage, and family life; call to holiness.

Unit 3: The Last Things. Death, Judgment, the end of the world.

To help the teenager know and love the Church as Christ’s Body and the Magisterium as the sure voice of Jesus, so that the young person may be strengthened through his life in the Church to face the confusion and secularism of modern-day society.

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Features of the New Faith and Life

Special Features of Faith and Life:

Clear, comprehensive and exciting presentation of the Catholic Faith, tailored to the different grade levels, with a foundational emphasis on Scripture and Vatican II

Quotations from Scripture, the liturgy, church documents and the saints highlight important points in each lesson

Inspirational classical and original artwork and photographs connect the lessons to the life of Christ and of the Christian

Questions and answers at the end of the chapters help review vital material and aid retention

Helpful summary sections include: Prayers and Devotions, Liturgical and Seasonal Life of the Church, Words to Know

Follows guidelines laid out by the General Catechetical Directory, Pope John Paul II’s Catechesi Tradendae, and the U.S. National Catholic Directory

Throughout the series, every aspect of Christian life is addressed:

What we believe (the Creed)

What we do (the Commandments)

The means to our end (Sacraments and Liturgy)

What we hope for (Prayer and Scripture)

The Faith and Life Activity Books, designed for use in the home or classroom, provide creative activities for review and reinforcement of each lesson. Through carefully developed and selected activities, the emphasis is on understanding and putting into practice the teachings of Christ in everyday life.

Changes in the new edition of the student texts include:

The setting of key terms in boldface to allow students and teachers easy access to important terminology within the text

Grammatical refinements in some portions of the texts

More direct quotations from Holy Scripture (from the Revised Standard Version)

While much of the text, including the use of traditional language and themes, remains unchanged, it is hoped that the revised edition will be easier to use for both students and teachers. The great works of art that appear in the original edition are maintained in the revised edition.

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History of the Faith and Life Series

The main reason for the founding of Catholics United for the Faith more than 35 years ago was to respond to the dimming of the faith and the proliferation of error which had hit the Church like a tsunami. We wanted to defend, advance, and spread the true Catholic faith. As parents we had first-hand experience with the defective catechetical texts suddenly appearing in our Catholic schools. They only became worse over the next decade, so much so that one could foretell that a whole generation was in danger of being quite ignorant of the faith, and even of losing the faith.

The prayer composed by my husband for CUF: “Give us the grace to know what services, small or great, you ask of us,” was answered when Monsignor Eugene Kevane, former Dean of Education of Catholic University, came to visit CUF headquarters, and urged us to do something about the state of catechesis of our children. Then Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J., came many times and urged us even more. We went to Rome, and Cardinal Wright encouraged us.

Lyman was enthusiastic about the project. But where would we get the means and the trained personnel to do this? It seemed beyond us. We prayed. Then divine Providence opened a way.

Enter Pip (Patricia I. Puccetti Donahue). A graduate of Thomas Aquinas College, Pip came to work in the CUF office while studying for a degree in Catechetics at St. John’s University, Long Island, New York, under Fr. Robert I. Bradley, S.J., and the late Monsignor George A. Kelly, among others. Soon my late husband, Lyman Stebbins, became aware of Pip’s talent and put her in charge of the whole project, that is, of what became to be known as the Faith and Life series in the early 1980’s.

What we wanted was a religion series that taught the complete Catholic faith. We wanted a series with student texts, activity books, teacher’s manuals for each of eight grades, not only the true faith as in the Baltimore Catechism, but also with explanations of the doctrines based on Scripture and Tradition, an attractive and joyful teaching style, exposing the children to Catholic art and culture through its illustrations, an inclusion of Bible history, as well as an overview of Church history, stories of the saints and excerpts from liturgical and devotional texts to inspire minds and hearts in each age

Pip is to be commended for a prodigious work. She did the blueprint, planning, choice of authors, editing, layout—in short, every detail of the 24 books in the series. What I appreciated especially was her taste in choosing the beautiful artwork, working with museums here and abroad.

It is simply the best religion series in the English-speaking world. Although it was published before the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it was the first and only catechetical series found in conformity with the Catechism by the U.S. Bishops’ Ad Hoc Committee to Oversee the Use of the Catechism.

It has since been translated into German and revised by Bishop Andreas Laun, Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg, Austria, with a foreword by Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna. Cardinal Ratzinger has mentioned that Faith and Life, ‘Glaube and Lieben,’ is ‘the best catechetical series in the German language.’

—Madeleine Stebbins
Wife of CUF Founder, H. Lyman Stebbins

FLStack2In 1978 CUF had a job opening as I began work on my master’s degree at St. John’s University, studying under Fr. Robert Bradley, S. J., Fr. John Hardon, S.J., Msgr. Eugene Kevane, and others. Naturally, I was delighted, not just to get a job that would pay the rent, but to have one that would assist me with my studies.

CUF had long desired to make a contribution in the catechetical field and had done tremendous work on the American National Catechetical Directory. Through several people’s prayers and efforts we began work on our own series for children.

These were the days before any talk of a new Catechism of the Catholic Church so our main guide was the General Catechetical Directory published in 1971. From the GCD we knew the content of our series had to be “Christocentric,” since “Christ Jesus…is the center of the Gospel message within salvation history” (GCD 40). We also knew that the instruction had to be presented in a concentric way; that is beginning “with a rather simple
presentation of the entire structure of the Christian message” and with each subsequent year a more detailed and developed presentation of that same whole would be made. So for each grade the four components of our faith, the Creed—what we believe; the Commandments—the way we live, the Sacraments—the means to live as Christians; and Prayer—what we hope for, are presented at the appropriate level. All of that was done so wonderfully by the writers of the series.

We had many discussions about the illustration of the series and finally settled on the use of great masterpieces of religious art. There were several reasons for that. First, from a practical point it would help the series from looking outdated in five years. But more importantly, the artwork was another way of teaching the children the truths of the faith through beauty and immersing them in the traditional art of the Church. What wonderful hours I spent researching that part of the series!

So many people were so devoted to and supportive of the series; the writers for all the texts, children’s activity, and teacher’s manuals, the whole CUF staff and apostolate, the staff of Ignatius Press, and many outside advisors. It is truly gratifying and humbling to see so many new, talented people coming forward to work on the Faith and Life series so it can continue to make a contribution to the life of the Church.

—Patricia “Pip” Donahue

The Faith and Life series, first published in the middle and late 1980’s, ranks among the foremost achievements of CUF. It is a superlative instrument of teaching and learning the faith through the first eight (and all-important) years of formal Catholic education. Monsignor Eugene Kevane, the “dean” of all things catechetical, directed the enterprise; while its general editor, Miss “Pip” Puccetti (now Mrs. Patricia Donohoe) supervised its
attractive layout and composition and selected its splendid illustrations. With Mr. and Mrs. Stebbins and their staff, I was privileged to observe at close quarters the marvelous patience and panache of its completion.

Here is a true opus magnum: twenty-four “volumes” (a text, an “activity book,” and a teacher’s manual for each of the eight grades) which, on its humble level, is a worthy precursor of the definitive statement for all catechesis—The Catechism of the Catholic Church. May its forthcoming second edition contribute to the greater renewal of catechetics—which for our time is the greatest renewal of all.

—Fr. Robert I. Bradley, SJ
CUF’s Former Spiritual Advisor (for 30 years)
Austin, TX

I think my daughter can lay claim to being the original Faith and Life kid! I had the great honor of being chosen to write the first three texts in the series (grades two, five, and one, written and published in that order). Theresa was age three or four at the time. As I wrote each chapter in the grade two text, I would read it aloud to her. She certainly enjoyed these stories about God, even if her applications of the lessons were a little quirky:
Shortly after learning that our souls leave our bodies when we go to heaven, she came to me after an unpleasant swimming lesson, and said, ‘I’m glad that when we go swimming in heaven, the water won’t get in our eyes—no heads!’

Anyway, my Faith and Life guinea pig graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville recently with a degree in anthropology—now there’s a field that needs believing Catholics!

—Daria Sockey
Venus, PA

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Praise for Faith and Life

Words of Praise for Faith and Life

“I believe that the Faith and Life series is a very good catechetical tool.

“Students who finish this series will have an excellent grasp of the deposit of faith. The material is sound and is faithful to the Magisterium of our Holy Church.”

—Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted
Bishop of Phoenix, AZ

“Our diocesan Director of Religious Education and I are in complete agreement that this newly-revised series is a thorough and excellent presentation of the Catholic faith.

“I am especially impressed with the references to Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church that appear in each lesson. The student activity book helps to reinforce what has been taught in the class. The revised teacher manual will prove to be particularly helpful for catechists because step by step lesson plans are provided for each lesson. At a time when our young people so desperately need sound teaching, the Faith and Life catechism series is the answer to prayers. I will strongly recommend this series for use in our schools and parish-based religious education programs.”

—Most Reverend Michael J. Sheridan
Bishop of Colorado Springs

“I am happy to report that this series is not only complete, it possesses excellence, in a way that itself promotes the values of our holy faith. The sweep of the content fulfills all goals–everything is there, from the history of salvation across the pages of the Old and New Testaments, to sections devoted to providing young children with clear and non-threatening explanations of the commandments, the sacraments, the moral life, and the structure of our Church. The value of prayer is assisted by a brief but complete compendium of prayers at the end of the volume. The very words unique to the Catholic faith are methodically presented and explained, and again, collected at the rear of the book for easy reference. Of particular value is the accompanying activity book which, along with the teacher’s guide, provides more than ample resources for the instructor to be constantly involved in the discovery and exploration that is going on in the student’s mind. And, perhaps most important, the level of writing is not condescending, but rather challenges the student to improve the mind as religious knowledge is imparted. This challenge invites the mutual participation of student and parents in the education
process, a component which insures the best kind of religious education‹the kind that embraces child, family and Church.

“I do not believe any better series can be found to enhance the teaching of the Gospel and life in the Catholic Church for our young students and their families, and I recommend the Faith and Life series without reservation.”

—Most Rev. John F. Donoghue
Archbishop Emeritus of Atlanta

“The Faith and Life Series from Catholics United for the Faith provides a clear and informative presentation of what we as Catholics believe, live and teach. With a firm grounding in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Faith and Life reaffirms that the faith is indeed alive, a gift to be cherished, and as relevant today as when Our Lord Jesus Christ called Peter and Andrew to ‘Come after me.’

“Faith and Life continues CUF’s tradition of catechesis and witness to the Gospel.”

—Most Rev. John J. Myers
Archbishop of Newark

“If there is one thing our Catholic youth need today and yearn for is the clear teaching of the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, after Vatican Council II, though certainly not because of it, the clear teaching of the faith was diminished to the detriment of our young people. Where teaching is ambiguous, both the knowledge about Christ and His Gospel is weakened and moral values begin to erode. Thanks to the Faith and Life textbooks from Catholics United for the Faith, there is now an effective remedy available for this situation. I highly encourage use of this fine series.”

—Archbishop James Patrick Keleher
Archbishop Emeritus of Kansas City, Kansas

“This is the one to get. Marvelous—this series will help you follow the Holy Father’s desire that you teach your children.”

—Mother Angelica

I give the Faith and Life series my highest recommendation. We teach our children with these texts and encourage others to do the same. The Faith and Life series presents the faith with clarity, depth, and great beauty, allowing for both the teacher and student to deepen their knowledge and love for the faith.

—Scott Hahn
Steubenville, OH

When CUF came out with its Faith and Life series, printed by Ignatius Press, and I began using it in my parish, within one year I could tell the difference for the better in the knowledge of true faith among the children of my parish.

—Father Robert J. Fox,
Spiritual Director of the Fatima Family Apostolate

Kolbe Academy, a small, private Catholic school, opened its doors on September 8, 1980. As soon the Faith and Life series was published, we began using it in the day school. We had been aware of CUF’s reputation and Msgr. Kevane was my high school principal at Heelan Catholic High School in Sioux City, IA. We also were familiar with Ignatius Press’s adherence to the true teaching of the faith. We did not hesitate in the implementation of the series because of those who were promoting it. We now have a large home school program, an outgrowth of the day school, and the series has been part of our core
curriculum since its inception. We have never been disappointed with the series, and our home schooling parents are quite enthused about it. It is absolutely in line with the teachings of the faith and has beautiful artwork throughout. Now, with the new enhanced teachers’ editions, it is even better and more home school friendly.

There are over 150 private Catholic schools like Kolbe Academy, most of whom use the Faith and Life series.

—Dianne Muth
Kolbe Academy
Napa, CA

The catalyst that started the reaction that produced our CUF chapter was the dire state of catechetics in the ‘70s and ‘80s. When faced with texts that were Catholic in name only, some parents turned to CUF’s national office for help. A CUF chapter sprang up and before long, the chapter was teaching religion in two homes every week. As the number of children grew to more than fifty, our religious education classes were held in a local school. Our Faith and Life Religious Education Program flourished for ten years, distributing certificates and awards, enrolling children in the scapular, showing films and even taking field trips to the cemetery on All Souls’ Day. The Faith and Life series was a blessing for our families. God bless all who were responsible for this wonderful catechetical tool, and may God bless the new edition as it presents the faith to the next generation.

—Frances E. Loch,
Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you, CUF, for existing. Thank you for being a reason for hope for the Church in America in her battle with the Church of America. ‘It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.’ Thank you for lighting many candles, especially the Faith and Life series, which will save souls and sow seeds of sanctity among the next generation. We were the “lost generation” but they will find the way again, thanks partly to your work.

—Dr. Peter Kreeft

I’m always wary when I read that a product is “new and improved.” We’ve been told that the Faith and Life series is just that—but it really is. The first edition was an excellent offering, but with the passage of time came concrete suggestions to make the series more “user-friendly” and more “student friendly.” The activity book truly engages children in the process of assimilating the doctrinal presentations of the text. The teacher’s manual
is masterful, providing assistance for those who may not have the background and resources at their disposal like the women religious of yesteryear. The student edition is attractively laid out, with classical works of art there not simply to decorate but to edify and educate. As a professional educator, I am delighted that for once we don’t have a “dumbing down.” The reading level sets a higher bar, giving the pupils the opportunity to respond to a challenge. All this, coupled with a total orthodoxy, should make every pastor and principal commit to this series for the next academic year.

—Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas, Ph.D., S.T.D.
Editor, The Catholic Response

It’s hard to think of anything more important than forming children in the faith. Faith and Life does it, and does it well. Congratulations on the new edition!

—Russell Shaw
Washington, DC

As a CCD teacher for 10 years, I used the first grade Faith and Life series weekly. The textbook I had originally been given lacked any “meat,” and so I found Faith and Life to be a great resource. I read it in the classroom and also used it for preparing my classes.

—Carole Hummel
Green Bay, Wisconsin

When my family moved four years ago, the parish we joined used the Faith and Life series. As a parent, I was immediately struck by the beautiful art adorning the pages that told me something really special was inside. All the texts I had seen before seemed to provide only cartoon pictures of Gospel scenes. Faith and Life brings out the beauty of the scenes and conveys to children a special message of awe, wonder, and majesty. Upon taking a closer look, I realized the textbooks were very thorough in teaching the faith. In my son’s first grade text, I found myself learning the definition of words like “grace” and “original sin.” You see, I am the product of years of watered-down catechesis and my poor parents, one of whom is a convert, didn’t receive adequate formation either. So for 35 years, I was left in a state of ignorance about my faith. I can assure you that my journey in learning the fullness of our faith began with the first grade Faith and Life textbook. That following summer, I was approached to teach third grade Faith Formation. I was very honored, frightened, and most unworthy to teach the faith. Anyway, I accepted and am eternally grateful for that opportunity. I found myself learning right along with the nine-year-olds I was teaching. That’s the beauty of Faith and Life, even if the teacher isn’t as well formed as one would like, the material is so complete, concise and authentic that it is not open to interpretation or error. I learned so much those two years of teaching third grade and taught second grade last year. Again, I found the texts perfect in presenting the faith to children receiving First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. The “bells and whistles” that other texts use to supposedly draw kids in actually distracts them. The Faith and Life texts beautifully incorporate Scripture from Genesis through the New Testament and help children (as well as parents and teachers) to understand their faith through a timeline that makes sense.

Long story short, these texts are wonderful, and I wish all children had an opportunity to learn with them. I am confident if we all used these texts with our children, they would all understand the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and would never leave their faith.

—Renee O’Brien
Charlotte, NC

Many years ago, my husband and I decided to home school our children in their Catholic Faith even though they were attending a Catholic elementary school. We wanted to be sure that they were thoroughly instructed in the fundamentals of Catholicism.

We chose the Faith and Life series based on the recommendation of a priest friend who runs a Catholic bookstore.

We went through the entire series with each of our three children. On Sundays, we would sit together, one-on-one, read through the textbook pages, and help them do the workbook exercises. A bond of shared faith was created between parent and child which continues to this day.

Our children were often singled out by their religion teachers as having a far greater knowledge of their faith than their peers. And peers approached our kids for answers to questions about the faith. Many times in the older grades, these involved questions of the following type: “What does the Church really teach about . . .?

With confusion rampant, and serious teaching scarce, our children were able to help others with clear answers. One of our children, through God’s grace, has been instrumental in the conversion of two of her friends.

We recommend the Faith and Life series to all families and parishes in search of age-appropriate, appealing, thorough, and current instruction in the Catholic faith.

—Stuart and Barbara Kolner
Ames, Iowa

I am home schooling my five children; I use the Faith and Life series to teach my three oldest their Catholic faith. The bulk of my children’s religious education is coming from the Faith and Life series, I find their answers are decidedly Catholic, for which I am grateful.

I am very grateful for the Faith and Life series. It not only gives my kids a comprehensive yet accessible grounding in their Catholic faith, I have found that it also generates a great many questions and comments, which act as the starting point for some fascinating religious discussions. Kids have eager minds; oftentimes, it just takes a little thing to get them started on a whole wide path of inquiry and discovery. The Faith and Life
series has supplied many such “little things,” and plenty of big ones, as well!

—Gabrielle LeBlanc
Timisoara, Romania

It’s difficult to put into words the positive effect Faith and Life has had on me, my children, and hundreds of children in my parish.

During the five years I used the series in Faith Formation, I came to a better understanding of the faith and was able to pass that understanding on to the children I prepared to receive First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. The text taught them, so clearly, why we were created and the effects of sin in the lives of each and every one of us. Furthermore, the text taught without apology or excuse why man needs a Savior and why we need His Church, the priesthood, and the sacraments.

If our mission is to help children return to Christ, we must begin by teaching them to know Christ. Faith and Life gives them that knowledge which, with God’s grace, will develop into a love and service to Him while on earth and happiness in heaven.

—Mary Summa
Charlotte, NC

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