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A Cousins Party and the “Bonds that Bind”

Families for Life Mary Ann Kuharski From the Dec 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine “I led them with cords of compassion, with the bands of love, and I became to them as one who eases the yoke on their jaws, and I bent down to them and fed them” (Hos. 11:4). I just went to a “cousins party” and I’m still talking about it. What a great time! The get-together was put on by my younger cousin Johnny, and many of those I grew up with on my father’s (Italian) side of the family were there-including cousin Tom and … Continue reading

A Higher Standard – December 2000

Various From the Dec 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The Church and the world have a great need for Eucharistic worship. Jesus awaits us in this sacrament of love. Let us not refuse the time to go to meet him in adoration, in contemplation full of faith, and open to making amends for the serious offenses and crimes of the world. Let our adoration never cease. -Pope John Paul II That Christ’s true Body and Blood are present in this sacrament can be perceived neither by sense nor by reason, but by faith alone, which rests on God’s authority. … Continue reading

Book Reviews – December 2000

Various From the Dec 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The Changing Face of the Priesthood by Donald B. Cozzens reviewed by Jeff Ziegler Liturgical Press, 2000. Fr. Donald Cozzens, rector and president of St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology in Cleveland, has written one of the most widely discussed Catholic books of the year. Without exception, reviewers of The Changing Face of the Priesthood draw attention to Fr. Cozzens’ reflections on homosexuality. Seminarians and young priests, the author asserts, are disproportionately drawn from the ranks of those inclined to homosexual activity. The abolition of the discipline of … Continue reading

Brotherly Love

Heartbeats Donald Demarco From the Dec 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine “HeartBeats” is a regular column on the virtues by popular Lay Witness  contributor Donald DeMarco. Dr. DeMarco is a professor of philosophy at the University of St. Jerome’s College in Waterloo, Ontario. The Many Faces of Virtue, a collection of essays on the virtues by Dr. DeMarco, is now available through Emmaus Road Publishing (see ad on opposite page). For information on other DeMarco titles, call Benedictus Books toll-free at (888) 316-2640. CUF members receive a 10% discount. Scholars do not know the exact date of Christ’s birth. … Continue reading

Catholic in the City

Salt of the Earth Molly Mulqueen From the Dec 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The characteristic of the lay state being a life led in the midst of the world and of secular affairs, laymen are called by God to make of their apostolate, through the vigor of their Christian spirit, a leaven in the world. -Vatican II, Decree on the Apostolate of Lay People, no. 2. The Documents of Vatican II were published when Shawn Conway and David Gorsage were young children, but it is almost as if this passage was written about them. As businessmen in Indianapolis, … Continue reading

Chapter News – December 2000

Come, Let Us Adore CUF From the Dec 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Santa Rosa, CA. Larry Poirier, chairman of the Blessed Sacrament Chapter, noted that members gave great support to the Celebrate Life 2000 Conference. With the diocese lacking an official Respect Life program due to last year’s budget cuts, a special volunteer organizing committee had been formed to keep the Respect Life presence alive in the area. The chapter newsletter notes with delight that perpetual adoration is spreading to parishes across the country, and quotes the Holy Father: “Our essential commitment to life is to grow spiritually … Continue reading

Christmas Presence

Joan Carter McHugh From the Dec 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine One day recently I felt weighed down by feelings of loss and loneliness. On the verge of tears, I brought my pain to Jesus, explaining everything in a detailed letter to Him. I often use letter writing as a means of prayer. The discipline of writing enables me to focus-to explore quite honestly and openly what is really bothering me. The letter often turns into a conversation with Jesus, which takes me out of my head into my heart. St. Teresa of Avila defines mental prayer as “an … Continue reading

Eucharist: A School of Active Love

Douglas Bushman From the Dec 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine When God became man in Jesus of Nazareth, He expressed His mission thus: “For the Son of man also came not to be served but to serve” (Mk. 10:45). Like Christ, the Church and her members are entrusted with a mission to serve by bringing God’s love into the world. Love is the most fundamental service of all. All men are made in God’s image, and since God is love, everyone is made for love. There are many forms of poverty and suffering in every area of life. Some … Continue reading

Eucharistic Adoration: Another Dimension

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R. From the Dec 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Recently I heard a distinguished theologian say that a good touchstone to discern the seriousness of someone’s commitment to renewal and reform in the Church is their attitude toward Eucharistic adoration. Of course, he included other criteria like loyalty to the Holy Father and devotion to Our Blessed Mother, but I was impressed by his emphasis on Eucharistic adoration. In the book I coauthored with James Monti, In the Presence of Our Lord (Our Sunday Visitor, 1998), we traced the history, theology, and psychological meaning of … Continue reading

Eucharistic Devotion Through the Years

Archbishop Edward M. Egan From the Dec 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The proposal of the committee, some observed, was nothing more than a welcome development of a powerful spiritual movement already well underway among the Catholics of Fairfield County. Early in 1998, a committee of clergy, religious, and laity was named to suggest how the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut might best celebrate the Jubilee Year 2000. Committee members studied statements of Pope John Paul II, the Jubilee Office of the Vatican, and the Jubilee Committee of the United States Catholic Conference, along with numerous articles about the Jubilee … Continue reading