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A Progressive and New Way

Excerpted from the Holy Father’s Concluding Address to the Swiss Bishops Pope Benedict XVI From the Jan/Feb 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Prayer is hope in action. And in fact, true reason is contained in prayer, which is why it is possible to hope: We can come into contact with the Lord of the world. He listens to us, and we can listen to Him. This is what St. Ignatius was alluding to and what I wanted to remind you of today, once again. . . . The truly great thing in Christianity, which does not dispense one from … Continue reading

A Voice of Truth in the Darkeness

by Caroline Cho Centuries ago, the Gospel spread across the world through the works of brave missionary priests who traveled thousands of miles by land and sea to convert the souls of the unbelievers and the uninformed. In modern times, Christ’s message of hope and love can reach millions of people globally through the power of the media and the Internet. Unfortunately, with the rising trends of secularism and relativism, the mainstream media often veer away from the Christian viewpoint. But as Fr. Jonathan Morris of FOX News knows, those who would desire to use the media to reach the … Continue reading

Abortion and the Myth of Secular Reason

by James D. Madden The argument employed by those who oppose abortion, what I call the basic pro-life argument, has the virtue of simplicity: (1) All cases of intentionally killing innocent human beings are morally impermissible. (2) Abortion is an instance of intentionally killing an innocent human being. (3) Therefore, abortion is morally impermissible. This basic pro-life argument is most certainly valid from a logical standpoint: If it really is wrong to kill an innocent human being intentionally, and if abortion is such an act, then the laws of logic tell us that abortion is wrong. Moreover, it is important … Continue reading

Beyond Pragmatism

Principled Defense of the Weakest Among Us Colleen Carroll Campbell From the Jan/Feb 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Americans are a pragmatic lot with little patience for abstractions. We think of ourselves as good people who make good choices most of the time, the sort of choices that do not require mental gymnastics or a doctoral degree. The moral code of our nation is, in many ways, the same one we learned in grammar school: Work hard, play fair, and pick on someone your own size. When someone breaks those rules—a corporate cheat who swindles the elderly, a street … Continue reading

Book Reviews – January/February 2007

Various From the Jan/Feb 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The Theocons: Secular America Under Siege by Damon Linker reviewed by Russell Shaw Doubleday, 2006. As I write this review on the eve of elections in which it’s predicted that people like those Damon Linker calls “theocons” will take a drubbing, it occurs to me that Linker’s angst might have been assuaged if he’d put off writing until the votes were counted. The great rule of American politics is that you win some and you lose some. Linker should take comfort from that. As it stands, The Theocons is a … Continue reading

Bringing Life to the World – The Pro-Life Mission As Evangelization

Fr. Frank Pavone From the Jan/Feb 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The fundamental call of the Church is to evangelize, and never before has the success of evangelization been so necessary—not only for the survival of humanity’s religious faith, but for the survival of humanity itself. The Gospel proclamation is one of hope, which gives us the strength to say yes to life. Evangelization contains within itself the proclamation of the sanctity of human life. Therefore, the pro-life movement, which proclaims and defends human life, is itself an aspect of evangelization. The Nature of Evangelization Evangelization is distinct from … Continue reading

Catholic for a Reason: An Interview with Leon Suprenant

The Road to Emmaus Mariann Hughes From the Jan/Feb 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Emmaus Road’s benchmark apologetics series, Catholic for a Reason, brings together the expert knowledge and personal insight of top Catholic apologists on topics at the heart of the faith. Authors include Scott Hahn, Tim Gray, Curtis Martin, Kimberly Hahn, Leon Suprenant, Fr. Pablo Gadenz, Curtis Mitch, Jeff Cavins, Edward Sri, Thomas Nash, Sean Innerst, and Richard White. Emmaus Road has currently published three books in the Catholic For a Reason series. They are: Scripture and the Mystery of the Family of God, Scripture and the … Continue reading

Catholic Quiz: Feasts of the Liturgical Year

CUF From the Jan/Feb 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Through the practice of celebrating the feast days of certain events and the lives of the saints, the Church sets before us the examples of those who have been glorified through Christ. This issue’s quiz tests the reader’s knowledge of liturgical feasts in January and February. 1. The feast of the Presentation of the Lord is celebrated on February 2 because a. It’s 40 days after Christmas. b. It’s 40 days before the feast of St. Joseph. c. The Council of Chalcedon selected the date in the fifth century. d. … Continue reading

Catholics In Political Life – An exerpt from the booklet “Catholics in the Public Square”

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted From the Jan/Feb 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine CUF Vice President Mike Sullivan caught up with Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix, Arizona, at the U.S. bishops’ meeting in Baltimore to discuss his recently released booklet, “Catholics in the Public Square.” Prior to the November elections, CUF chapters and other organizations came together to purchase and distribute this thorough and helpful booklet in mass quantities. In light of the recent elections, which overall seemed a defeat for pro-lifers, do you have any words of wisdom for Catholics who are disappointed with the results? Political life is always … Continue reading

Chapter News – January/February 2007

CUF Members at Work CUF From the Jan/Feb 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine We welcome our new St. Peter Chapter in Cambridge, New Zealand, south of Auckland. Several of the 19 members of this new chapter were formerly associated with our Auckland chapters. Melda Townsley will be meeting with the officers of this chapter to consolidate the work of CUF in New Zealand. West Tucson, AZ / St. Gianna Beretta Molla Chapter. Members recently joined Bishop Gerald Kicanas for a Respect Life Mass at the St. Augustine Cathedral in Tucson. As part of their membership in the Southern Arizona … Continue reading