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All in the Family – Christians, Jews, and God

Michael Forrest and David Palm From the Jul/Aug 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Editor: The following article provides an introduction to a Catholic understanding of the relationship among Christian, Jews, and God. The footnotes for this article, as well as Forrest and Palm’s in-depth exploration of the topic and an appendix of references, are available online at At the Second Vatican Council, the Council fathers renewed the Church’s traditional teaching on her divine and universal mission in the context of the modern world. In so doing, they addressed themselves “not only to the sons of the Church. . … Continue reading

All in the Family – Christians, Jews, and God

by Michael Forrest and David Palm Appendix Selected Bibliography Since the days of Cain and Abel, a tragic pattern of fraternal conflict and strife has been repeated throughout salvation history. Unfortunately, the relationship between the children of Israel who do not accept Jesus as the Messiah (rabbinic Jews) and those children of Israel who do accept Him (Christians) has been no exception to the familial rule. In the early years, when those who did not accept Jesus were in the relative position of power, they sometimes severely persecuted the Christians (cf. Acts 8:1–3, Acts 12). According to Fr. Edward Flannery, … Continue reading

Apostle to the Gentiles: The New Temple

Scott Hahn From the Jul/Aug 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine We modern Christians have few occasions to use the word “temple.” It never caught on as a term for Christian places of worship. And other Western religions have shied away from the term. (Reform Judaism, which sometimes calls its synagogues “Temple,” is the exception.) In the ancient world, the term was fraught with associations that most of us will miss today. So when St. Paul employed the word “temple,” he had to proceed cautiously and with precision, like a manhandling explosives. Nevertheless, he found it necessary to his theology. … Continue reading

Appendix for All in the Family: Christians, Jews, and God

by Michael Forrest and David Palm Back to article The following is a broad sampling of quotes from the Scriptures, the Fathers and the Magisterium, as well as other Church documents showing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church is for all men—Jew and Gentile alike: The Scriptures Jeremiah 31:31–34: “Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah, not like the covenant which I made with their fathers when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the … Continue reading

Ask CUF: Can a Person with Celiac Disease Still Consume the "Body of Christ"?

I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I’ve read that some Catholics with the disease cannot receive Communion because the wafer is made of wheat (gluten). If, as we were taught, the wafer is transformed into Christ’s body, it should no longer contain wheat. So what’s the problem? What you learned about the change of the bread into Christ’s Body and Blood falls a little short. The important thing, of course, is that you discern Christ’s true presence (cf.1 Cor. 11:27-29), but the “transformation” explanation apparently did not give you the manner of His presence or how He comes to … Continue reading

Fire Up Your Faith – Tips for Effective Evangelization

Mike Sullivan From the Jul/Aug 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Catholics are known for helping the poor and defending the rights of the persecuted. We are known for our longstanding traditions and our beautiful churches and liturgies. Such things grow from a deep faith. So why is it that we often fall short when it comes to sharing that faith? It seems our Protestant brothers and sisters have a leg up on us when we see their mega-churches bursting at the seams every Sunday, while Catholic parishes are closing in dioceses all across the country. Moreover, many of the … Continue reading

From Our Founder

CUF From the Jul/Aug 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine How does evangelization fit into the mission of CUF? An essential element in the spirit of CUF is a spirit of evangelization, a longing to share with others the treasure which God, by His grace, has shared with us. CUF understands that the Second Vatican Council summoned the laity to be engaged in a broad work of evangelization-beginning in our own families and in our state of life, in our profession, but not ending there. That is a great spiritual work of mercy. Indeed, how is it possible that so … Continue reading

From the Editor’s Desk – July/August 2009

Sarah Rozman From the Jul/Aug 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine An evangelical Protestant church near my hometown offers a class called “Catholic Connection: A Catholic’s Guide to [Our] Church.” Curiosity, accompanied by a measure of dread, took me there one Sunday a year or so ago. The day I went, the speaker attempted to compress the history of Christianity into an hour-long presentation. The audacity with which he skimmed through those 2,000-odd years was breathtaking. Many of his facts were wrong, and those that weren’t wrong were more often misunderstood or miscast than not. He said, for example, that … Continue reading

In Brief – July/August 2009

CUF From the Jul/Aug 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Bishop Robert F. Vasa of the Diocese of Baker, Oregon, has introduced a new program designed to help parents with the sound moral formation of their children. The program, Healthy Families: Safe Children, provides parents “with effective methods for communicating with their children, for preventing problem behaviors, and for guiding their children along healthy developmental pathways.” It prioritizes protecting the innocence of children and guarding them from abuse. Healthy Families: Safe Children was created in response to the “safe environment” programs for children being used in dioceses across the United … Continue reading

John Neumann – Priest and Missionary

Michael J. Miller From the Jul/Aug 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Before he became a saint, the fourth Bishop of Philadelphia, or even a Redemptorist, John Nepomucene Neumann served the Church in America as a missionary priest. Divine providence called one of six children of a devout Catholic couple in Bohemia, guided him over land and sea, and commissioned him to teach, preach, and minister to German-speaking immigrants in the United States during the mid-nineteenth century. Grace Builds on Nature From his father, a stocking-maker and successful businessman, John inherited a passion for reading and an enterprising spirit. From … Continue reading