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Planned Barrenhood: Sterilization and its Discontents

Patrick Coffin From the Jul/Aug 2012 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine “A bruised reed he will not break; and a dimly burning wick he will not quench.” – Isaiah 42:3 Sterilization presents a delicate and difficult pastoral challenge for three groups of people: those who wish to share the teaching of the Church; those who’ve been sterilized and have come to regret it; and those who’ve been sterilized and do not regret it. The sense of finality that attends the procedure creates a mindset that is not well disposed to second-guessing. You can always toss your condoms, jellies, foams, or … Continue reading

The Medium is the Message: Incarnating the Love of God

Chris Sparks From the Jul/Aug 2012 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Marshall McLuhan, Catholic and counterculture icon, once famously said, “The medium is the message.” John Paul II’s theology of the body is a lengthy restatement of that truth in the context of humanity’s life in this material world. John Paul had to remind citizens of the modern world that the body is not something God tacked onto our souls, our personalities. Rather, the body makes the person present. We are known through our bodies—through our faces, our gestures, our “body language” speaking ourselves to those around us. Think of … Continue reading