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A New Scriptural Springtime – The Biblical Theology of Pope Benedict XVI

Scott Hahn From the Mar/Apr 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine We should hardly be surprised that Pope Benedict XVI has made biblical renewal a key theme during the first year of his pontificate. I’ve been reading and studying his writings since before I became Catholic—ever since I discovered his book Introduction to Christianity more than 20 years ago. What we hear today from the chair of St. Peter are notes Benedict has been sounding throughout his career. In the year since his elevation, I’ve found myself rereading and meditating intensely upon his collected writings. And I’m willing to venture … Continue reading

Appearance and Reality – Growth through Suffering: A Christian View

Frederick W. Marks From the Mar/Apr 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine When the World Trade Center collapsed in a cloud of flame on September 11, 2001, broadcasters focused on the wreckage. Faith-based newspapers, on the other hand, while not ignoring the devastation, called attention to a gigantic wrought-iron cross, fashioned from free-falling girders, as if by the hand of God. The secular media continued to concentrate on the wanton cruelty of a calculated assault on innocent life, while we, in our Christian capacity, preferred to emphasize the good that had come from it—the heroism of rescue teams, the return … Continue reading

Book Reviews – March/April 2006

Various From the Mar/Apr 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The books reviewed in this issue are available through Benedictus Books. Call them toll-free at (888) 316-2640. CUF members receive a 10% discount. Let God’s Light Shine Forth: The Spiritual Vision of Pope Benedict XVI edited by Robert Moynihan reviewed by Russell Shaw Doubleday, 2005. As Pope John Paul’s health was visibly failing last March, I had dinner one day with some Catholic friends, and the conversation turned to papal elections. When someone asked me what I thought, I said that, whenever the conclave took place, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger would … Continue reading

Chapter News – March/April 2006

CUF Members at Work CUF From the Mar/Apr 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine South Covington, KY. The St. Francis of Assisi Chapter recently heard diocesan vicar general Msgr. Gilbert Rutz explain the structure and operations of the diocese. This chapter’s newsletter continues to serve its readers by reprinting articles such as David Bereit’s “A Glimpse of the Dark Side of Planned Parenthood.” Also, the St. Edmund Campion Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is staffed by a number of this chapter’s members, is raising funds to meet its financial needs for the current school year. Campion Academy is unique among … Continue reading

Christian Leadership – Your Life’s Work

Rick Sarkisian From the Mar/Apr 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Catholic scouting has been a part of my life for many years, and it’s proved to be a wonderful place for my four sons to learn plenty of outdoor skills. Of course, no Boy Scout worth his salt would be without a survival kit, the contents of which always include a mirror that can be used to reflect the sun’s light and attract the attention of others. As committed Catholics, we are also called to reflect light—the light of Christ—and attract the attention of others. It’s our mission in … Continue reading

Christmas Presence, Lenten Gifts

At a Glance Leon Suprenant From the Mar/Apr 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine As I write this column, Pope Benedict XVI is preparing to issue the first encyclical letter of his pontificate. This much-anticipated message is entitled Deus Caritas Est (“God Is Love”). No doubt it will provide Christ-centered encouragement to a world that increasingly looks for true love “in all the wrong places.” As we look forward to Deus Caritas Est and the many other blessings that God desires to give us this year, I’d like to focus our attention back on the first year of Pope Benedict’s … Continue reading

CUF Update – March/April 2006

News and Notes from Our Headquarters CUF From the Mar/Apr 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine CUF UPDATE News and Notes From Our Headquarters New Staff Members CUF’s Catholic Responses department is pleased to announce the addition of two new full-time staff members. Pete Balbirnie has joined the staff as a full-time research specialist. He started as an intern at CUF in 2004 and worked part-time while he completed his master’s degree in theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Balbirnie is also the vice-chairman of the St. Maximilian Kolbe CUF Chapter in Steubenville. Sarah Rozman spent last summer as an … Continue reading

Faces of Silence

by Sr. Lou Ella Hickman, I.W.B.S. “By contemplating icons, in the whole context of liturgical and ecclesial life, the Christian community is called to grow in its experience of God, and to become more and more a living icon of the communion of life among the three divine Persons.” —Pope John Paul II, Angelus address of November 17, 1996 Their eyes are sad. Their faces reveal the sorrow of embracing the sadness of the world. Yet they are also windows to heaven. For over 1500 years, icons have befriended untold numbers on their journey to God. Along with increased popularity … Continue reading

Follow Christ, in Whom Truth and Love Meet – The Magisterial Teaching of Pope Benedict XVI in 2005

Jeff Ziegler From the Mar/Apr 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine In his homily at Pope John Paul II’s funeral Mass, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, then dean of the College of Cardinals, said that the words “follow me” (Jn. 21:22) “can be taken as the key to understanding the message which comes to us from the life of our late beloved Pope John Paul II.”1 Ten days later, in the pre-conclave homily, Ratzinger preached that truth and love meet in Christ: “St. Paul offers us as a fundamental formula for Christian existence some beautiful words . . . make truth in … Continue reading

From the Editor’s Desk – March/April 2006

Mike Sullivan From the Mar/Apr 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine On April 2, 2005, the CUF staff mourned the loss of Pope John Paul II. For many of us, he was the only pope we had ever known, so we rightly felt that we had lost our spiritual father. The media coverage surrounding the sickness, death, and funeral of the Holy Father made it clear: Here was a man whose influence far surpassed that of any other man alive. More than that, as secular news sources reported fairly and accurately about the Pope and the Church, it became apparent … Continue reading