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At a Glance: Blessed Are the Meek

Leon Suprenant From the Mar/Apr 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine At first glance, meekness may be the most unattractive Christian virtue. Today, many people think of “meekness as weakness,” the antithesis of the “holy” self-assertion that enables us to get our own way. We picture a meek person as a wimp or doormat, not as a virile Christian man. Yet, those of us who are serious about following the Lord and growing in Christian virtue know that the Bible presents a different image of meekness. Our faith extols meekness not only as a desirable virtue, but also as a … Continue reading

Becoming a Saintly Father

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan From the Mar/Apr 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was only 6, and it was the closing of the Forty Hours Devotion at the parish. Dad took me to church. I was fascinated with the incense, the crowd, and the music. Because the church was packed, we had to stand in the rear of the church. As Fr. Callahan passed us carrying the Blessed Sacrament, Dad knelt down and bowed his head. That simple act of prayer, reverence, and humility taught me volumes. True, Dad was far … Continue reading

Book Reviews – March/April 2007

Various From the Mar/Apr 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Perpetual Motivation: How to light your fire and keep it burning in your career and in life by Dave Durand reviewed by Luke W. Crawford Crossroad, 2006. I must admit that I am not a fan of self-help books. In fact, in my negativity toward such material, I would have gone so far as to say that most books concerned with the topics of motivation, influence, power, and advancement are themselves motivated by greed and selfishness and are irreconcilable with my Catholic faith. At least, this was my attitude until … Continue reading

Catholic Quiz: Celebrating with the Church

March and April Feasts CUF From the Mar/Apr 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine 1. The Church celebrates the feast of this “dynamic duo” on March 7. a. Cosmas and Damian b. Perpetua and Felicity c. Hahn and Cavins d. Peter and Paul e. Hannity and Colmes 2. All Sundays are considered “solemnities,” or special feast days in the Church. In March, there are two solemnities in addition to the Sundays. What are they? a. Annunciation and the feast of St. Joseph b. The feast of St. Joseph and Holy Thursday c. The feast of St. Patrick and Holy Thursday … Continue reading

Chapter News – March/April 2007

CUF Members At Work CUF From the Mar/Apr 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine We welcome our new Servants of St. Faustina Chapter in Ocala, Florida. Chairman Samuel Rodriguez explains that the chapter will focus on videos, studies, and discussions on various aspects of Church teaching. Chapter members are also involved in pro-life and pro-family initiatives in the area. The Servants of St. Faustina Chapter’s first meeting in January included a talk by CUF board member Tom Pernice at Our Lady of the Springs Catholic Church. Pernice, who is also the chairman of the St. Joseph Chapter in Gainesville, spoke … Continue reading

CUF Update – March/April 2007

News and Notes from Our Headquarters CUF From the Mar/Apr 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine New Faces at the CUF Office CUF is pleased to announce the addition of three new staff members. Drake McCalister joins Catholic Responses part-time as a research specialist. He is a graduate student in theology and catechetics at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Drake is responding to faith questions that require in-depth answers and extended research. His assistance will help Catholic Responses continue to provide prompt, thorough answers to your questions. Julie Thimons is a graduate student in theology at Franciscan University. She is hard … Continue reading

Faces of Virtue: Good Sport

Donald DeMarco From the Mar/Apr 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Doris Kearns Goodwin lives in Concord, Massachusetts, not far from the Old North Bridge. It was from that “rude” construction, in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s deathless words, that “the embattled farmers stood, / And fired the shot heard round the world.” Goodwin is a noted historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose books on the Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys, Lyndon Johnson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt have brought her great acclaim. Yet, when she takes visitors to that historic site, she thinks not of the epic moment that launched the American revolution, … Continue reading

Faith of Our Fathers: Love in the Ruins

Mike Aquilina From the Mar/Apr 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine It’s not every day that an archaeologist goes digging in the desert—and discovers a new method of evangelization. But that’s what happened to Dr. Emma Loosley of the University of Manchester in England when she began her doctoral research in Syria in 1997. She was there to study the architecture of Christian churches of the fourth through seventh centuries. (There are more than 700 “ghost towns”—abandoned Byzantine villages—dotting the barren hills between Antioch and Aleppo.) Dr. Loosley discovered that the local Christians knew nothing about the history of the … Continue reading

Finding God in All Things: Marriage Beyond the Hollywood Hype

Colleen Carroll Campbell From the Mar/Apr 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Is marriage a raw deal? If primetime television dramas and syndicated sitcoms are any indication, the answer is an unequivocal “yes.” The small screen brims with images of miserable married couples having far less fun than their swinging single or divorced counterparts. ABC’sDesperate Housewives celebrates marital infidelity while NBC’s Will and Grace centers on the gay dating scene and reruns of Friends and Sex and the City promote the pleasures of promiscuity. Faithful married men and women, meanwhile, are depicted alternately as boring, boorish, or borderline miserable. Fathers … Continue reading

Forgotten Treasures: The Authority of Papal Encyclicals

Peter A. Kwasniewski From the Mar/Apr 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The right attitude for Catholics to have toward the shepherd whom the Lord Jesus places over His entire Church on earth is a humble, childlike trust that is expressed by prompt and heartfelt assent to his teaching on matters of faith and morals. Indeed, this is part of that “obedience of faith” to which we are called by our baptismal vows, by our incorporation into the mystical body of Christ, which demands a death to the proud, independent intellect and a resurrection with “the mind of Christ” (cf. … Continue reading