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Apostle to the Gentiles: God Our Father

Scott Hahn From the Mar/Apr 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine St. Paul stood in the front lines of a religious revolution. He preached a radical proposition. His gospel-his good news-was news indeed. Even today his message is shocking. And yet we have somehow lost our capacity to be shocked by it. At the heart of St. Paul’s gospel was the revelation of God’s fatherhood. By now, after two thousand years of Christian piety, this revelation seems like a worn coin. God’s fatherhood is so cliché that everyone assumes it. Right? Well, no, they don’t. God’s fatherhood-at least the way … Continue reading

Apostle to the Gentiles: God Surpasses Paul’s Expectations—and Ours

by Scott Hahn Trained as a Pharisee, young Saul of Tarsus knew well the expectations of his people. Saul studied in Jerusalem under Rabbi Gamaliel the Great, the most renowned scholar of his time. A normal part of Saul’s education would be to ponder deeply the books of the prophets. So Saul knew the promises God had made to His chosen people, and he knew that God would be faithful. Thus, like many Jews of the first century, Saul waited with longing for the promised Messiah, God’s anointed deliverer. The Messiah would deliver Israel from its bondage and oppression. The … Continue reading

Ask CUF: How Should I Address Problems with My Pastor?

“If I am going to challenge my pastor, I need some hard copy to work with. Can you help?” “This will probably be useless, since our pastor is extremely liberal theologically-speaking, but I will do so nonetheless.” “I’m writing because I want to confront my priest on two issues. I feel I need some ‘ammunition’ as to what the truth is.” It’s a War The war between good and evil, truth and falsehood, light and darkness, is waged continuously. There is no part of life spared from what Pope John Paul II called “the mystery of iniquity,” the world’s condition … Continue reading

CUF Link: Marching For Life

CUF From the Mar/Apr 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Two days after President Barack Obama’s inauguration, CUF staff members joined thousands of pro-lifea dvocates for the March for Life in Washington, DC.  The March marked the 36th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v.Wade decision. “The turnout was fantastic,” CUF President Mike Sullivan said. “Given the obstacles the pro-life movement is facing with the new administration, it’s a hopeful sign to see so many people coming together for this very important cause.” At the time of writing, estimates ranged up to 250,000 people in attendance. Commentators on EWTN’s live … Continue reading

CUF Mailbox – March/April 2009

CUF From the Mar/Apr 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Understanding the SSPV Dear CUF, Just a note of thanks. I wanted to do some work-related research on a heretical organization working in our town (Society of St. Pius V), and your website provided me with a brief, well-presented essay on Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St.Pius the X. The Church’s view of this group is necessary for understanding the SSPV, so thank you. I hope to visit you the next time I come to Steubenville to visit my daughter at Franciscan University. -Harry Plummer Superintendent of Catholic Schools … Continue reading

From the Editor’s Desk – March/April 2009

Sarah Rozman From the Mar/Apr 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine I have a confession to make. I’m in love with Pope Benedict. Ever since I saw him standing on the balcony at St. Peter’s after the proclamation “Habemus papam!” I have grown more and more fond of the Church’s papa. I find him sweet, gentle, disarming, a touch shy, and quite sharp. If he told me “go,” I would go, and if he told me “no,” I wouldn’t dare disobey. In the midst of the world’s cacophony, he speaks melodies and harmonies. When I look through his letters, addresses, … Continue reading

How To Love Jesus – St. Gemma Galgani and the Cross

James Monti From the Mar/Apr 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine In his apostolic exhortation CatechesiTradendae (“Catechesis in Our Time”), Pope John Paul II spoke of the crucifix as “one of the most sublime and popular images of Christ the Teacher” (no. 9). The Holy Father again laid special emphasis on the importance of the Cross of Christ in our lives during a 1987 pastoral visit to the United States. Time and again, he drew attention to the fact that “God’s plan for us passes along the way of the Holy Cross,” and therefore we should never be surprised to … Continue reading

In Brief – March/April 2009

CUF From the Mar/Apr 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Eternal Rest Grant unto Them Our Lord has called two faithful priests and loyal sons of the Church to Himself. Cardinal Avery Dulles, S.J., died December 12, 2008. He was 90. Fr. Richard John Neuhaus died January 8, from side effects due to cancer. He was 72. With Cardinal Avery Dulles’s death, the Church in the United States may be said to have lost its most distinguished theologian. A convert to Catholicism, he wrote 22 books explaining Catholic teaching and was honored with more than 30 honorary doctorates. He has … Continue reading

Law and Love – An Essay On Doctrine, Obedience, and Love

H. Lyman Stebbins From the Mar/Apr 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine In some quarters today, doctrine and dogma are not the most popular words in the dictionary. You often hear someone say something like this: “I don’t really think our religion is just a matter of propositions and rules, of doctrines and dogmas and thou-shalt-nots; I think our religion is a matter of love. After all, God is Love. ” In one sense, such a remark is true enough in each of its parts: Our religion certainly is not just a matter of rules and prohibitions; our religion, in … Continue reading

Literary Witness: Kings in Exile

David Mills From the Mar/Apr 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine At his audiences in early December, Pope Benedict XVI surprised some observers by repeatedly bringing up the doctrine of original sin. He was, as always, speaking prophetically. The reality that we are in some way fundamentally bent and twisted and that we chronically malfunction, no matter how often we’re repaired, is one we don’t hear about nearly as often as we need to. I have sat through many sermons that left out this crucial fact, which made the good news sound somewhat pointless, like a doctor walking into a … Continue reading