Lay Witness Magazine

Table of Contents: March/April 2010

The Galileo Affair

Web Exclusive George Sim Johnston From the Mar/Apr 2010 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine No episode in the history of the Catholic Church is so misunderstood as the condemnation of Galileo. It is, in Newman’s phrase, the one stock argument used to show that science and Catholic dogma are antagonistic. To the popular mind, the Galileo affair is prima facie evidence that the free pursuit of truth became possible only after science “liberated” itself from the theological shackles of the Middle Ages. The case makes for such a neat morality play of enlightened science versus dogmatic obscurantism that historians are … Continue reading

The Terrible Drama

Web Exclusive H. Lyman Stebbins From the Mar/Apr 2010 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine This month brings the terrible drama: Mankind delivers over to death Him who had given them their life; and the Lord, all-loving and almighty, repays His executioners by decreeing that this cruel death for Him shall be the unique and indispensable channel of new Life for them. An unfathomable mystery, the life of Our Lord: always circular, from year to year, and at the same time a straight line that moves from a real Beginning to a real End. In the radiance and rejoicing that filled … Continue reading