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An Engagement That Began with a Blessing

Mary Ann Kuharski From the May/Jun 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (Jn. 15:12). This July our daughter Angie (23) will marry the “love of her life,” Adam, and we couldn’t be happier! How they met and what plans they made for their engagement and wedding have been a great joy to watch for those of us on the sidelines. I’d like to tell you that I helped bring them together, but when I tell Angie she just rolls her eyes and gives me one of … Continue reading

Book Reviews – May/June 2004

“Will Catholics Be ‘Left Behind’?” and “The New Anti-Catholicism” Sean Gallagher and Edward O’Brien From the May/Jun 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Will Catholics Be “Left Behind”? A Catholic Critique of the Rapture and Today’s Prophecy Preachers by Carl Olson reviewed by Sean Gallagher Ignatius Press, 2003. An understanding of the end of history and the fulfillment of the kingdom is built into the very essence of the Gospel. We can hear it in the first words that Jesus proclaimed at the start of His public ministry: “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; … Continue reading

Chapter News – May/June 2004

Sustaining the Faithful CUF From the May/Jun 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine New Richmond, WI. The members of Christ the King Chapter heard a remarkable address entitled “Attack of the Donatists” by Dcn. Bernard Pedersen, who serves the parish of St. Agnes in St. Paul, Minnesota. His talk was on the fifth century Donatist schism in North Africa, which sorely tried the patience of St. Augustine. The Donatists accused the Catholic Church of corruption and their doctrinal errors unfortunately have been revived among certain dissenters in the Church. The chapter also heard Mr. Robert Barnett, a Byzantine Catholic convert … Continue reading

Christ the Obedient Son

Lessons from the Agony in the Garden Edward P. Sri From the May/Jun 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine In his letter on the Rosary, Pope John Paul II says the Sorrowful Mysteries represent “the culmination of the revelation of God’s love.” Beginning with the Agony in the Garden, Jesus confronts all the temptations and sins of humanity in this mystery and says to the Father, “[N]ot as I will, but as thou wilt” (Mt. 26:39). Indeed, Christ’s “yes” in the Garden of Gethsemane reverses the “no” of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Yet, Christ’s love and fidelity come … Continue reading

CUF News – May/June 2004

Serving Our Members CUF From the May/Jun 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine 1/2 Price Membership Offer Continues Would you like to enrich the lives of your parish priest or your friends and relatives? Do you wish your family members could read your favorite articles in Lay Witness? Give your friends or relatives a gift membership now and save 50 percent! CUF membership includes one full year of Lay Witness magazine, CUF’s 2005 Catholic calendar, unlimited access to CUF’s Information Services, 10 percent or more off all Emmaus Road Publishing’s books, and membership in an international lay apostolate dedicated to … Continue reading

CUF Replies – May/June 2004

CUF Answers Your Questions CUF From the May/Jun 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Dear Catholics United for the Faith, CUF is a very good apologetics and faith-building organization. However, there are many good Catholic organizations out there catering to those who wish to grow in faith, so the need for this has really been fulfilled for many. CUF used to be more active in rooting out heresy and dissidents, exposing them to the dioceses, the nuncio, and the Vatican, to remedy the scandal. Now it seems that some liberals in Church leadership frowned upon this and crushed this part … Continue reading

De Profundis for the Married Man

Daniel Van Slyke From the May/Jun 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The Catholic husband is torn between the moral discipline of his faith and the values of his culture. His Church exhorts him to conjugal chastity. In negative terms, conjugal chastity means no sex with anyone other than his spouse, no forced sex with his spouse, no contraception, masturbation, pornography, lustful glances, or divorce. Viewed positively, these negative precepts are conducive to great growth in conjugal love and mutual appreciation; they are the base condition for totally giving oneself, “a school of the gift of the person” (Catechism, no. … Continue reading

Fr. Richard Hermes

“Good Shepherds” is a regular column devoted to priests who with God’s grace have been exemplary ministers of the Gospel Molly Mulqueen From the May/Jun 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Fr. Richard Hermes, S.J., of Jesuit High School in New Orleans, has mastered many languages: Greek, Latin, Italian, French, even some Hebrew and Aramaic. But perhaps most impressive is Fr. Hermes’ fluency in communications with teenagers. He can speak their language, and they have responded by getting involved in numerous opportunities to grow in the Catholic spiritual life. “My father’s family was all Catholic; my mother’s side was Southern … Continue reading

Grandparenting – God’s Gift to Families

Margo Szews From the May/Jun 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine It is often said that grandparents are God’s gift to children. But it is also true that grandchildren are God’s gift to grandparents. The birth of a grandchild brings the fulfillment of a favorite Marriage Blessing, which concludes with the invocation that God will “bless [the marrying couple] with the love of their children’s children.” Those of us who enjoy the love of our children’s children are grateful for one of life’s greatest blessings! As our three children married and began having babies, we were fortunate that all of … Continue reading

Immaculate Mary – Mother of the Church

Msgr. Charles M. Mangan From the May/Jun 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Msgr. Mangan is a priest of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD. Monsignor currently works in Rome as a member of the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life. He holds a licentiate in canon law and is currently completing a doctorate in Mariology. This is the third installment in a series in which Msgr. Mangan examines the 70 Marian discourses of Pope John Paul II. To view the Holy Father’s Marian Catechesis, visit or call (800) MY-FAITH. The Old … Continue reading