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A Woman for All Vocations

by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle Can a woman like me aspire to emulate such an amazing woman—the Virgin Mother of God, the first disciple, the matriarch of the Holy Family, and the Mother of the Church? Recalling instances in Mary’s life, we call to mind her gentleness, humility, holiness, perseverance, selflessness, and unwavering faith. I ask myself this because I know I will never accomplish what our Blessed Mother has, or even come close to her holiness. Yet all women are called to holiness—whether in the sublime role of raising children, as a wife, as a single woman, or as a … Continue reading

At a Glance: Are You My Mother?

Leon Suprenant From the May/Jun 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine One of my young son’s favorite books is the P.D. Eastman classic Are You My Mother? In this story, a baby bird becomes separated from his mother and frantically goes in search of her. Along the way, he asks many creatures and even inanimate objects if they are his mother. Finally, when hope is just about lost, the baby bird is reunited with his mother, who was out catching worms for their breakfast. Sometimes this children’s book leads me to reflect on all the “mothers” in my life. I … Continue reading

Book Reviews – May/June 2007

Various From the May/Jun 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Love in the Little Things: Tales of Family Life by Mike Aquilina reviewed by Sarah M. Rozman Servant Books, 2007. This is a tale of saints in the making. Consider the exchange that takes place between the author and his then-3-year-old daughter. “Why did God make you?” he asks her. “To be a great saint!” she replies. And, as Mike Aquilina reminds us, the Church calls all of us to be great saints. Thus, as much as we are all in this together, Love in the Little Things is every … Continue reading

Catholic Quiz: Holy Days and Holy People

May and June Feasts CUF From the May/Jun 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine 1. What holy day is celebrated on the Sunday after Pentecost? a. Corpus Christi b. Most Holy Trinity c. Sacred Heart of Jesus d. 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time e. Father’s Day 2. Which of the following mysteries of the Rosary does not have a feast day in May 2007? a. Visitation b. Ascension c. Transfiguration d. Pentecost e. Assumption f. Both (a) and (d) g. Both (c) and (e) 3. St. Isidore of Seville was a bishop and Doctor of the Church in the sixth … Continue reading

Chapter News – May/June 2007

CUF Members at Work CUF From the May/Jun 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Chapter Spotlight: Phoenix and Tucson Chapters Host CUF Vice President The Gianna Beretta Molla (Tucson) and Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha (Phoenix) chapters welcomed CUF Vice President Mike Sullivan to Arizona in February. Sullivan presented to both chapters a talk entitled “Lessons Learned at Nazareth: What Today’s Parents Can Learn from the Holy Family.” In his talks, Sullivan discussed some of the greatest problems facing the modern family and offered profound but simple solutions for today’s busy families. Taking his cue from Pope Paul VI, he examined the … Continue reading

Chastity Rules – Holding Fast to the Things that Matter

Mary Ann Kuharski From the May/Jun 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine I love teenagers. At one time during the throes of our parenting years, I think we had seven who were between the ages of 12 and 20. Let me just say, nothing brought more laughter, love, spontaneity, and unpredictability and helped keep us “in the twenty-first century” like a houseful of adolescents and young adults. The Teen Spirit Give a teenager an issue or an idea and you may get a response nothing short of breathtaking and beautiful. OK, so sometimes “breathtaking” is an understatement for the things … Continue reading

Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of All Graces, and Advocate

Issue: How can Catholics understand Mary as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of All Graces, and Advocate? Are we required to believe these three Marian teachings that are represented by this trio of titles?

Response: Our Blessed Lady is rightly venerated under many vivid and enduring titles. Taken compositely, these honorifics bespeak of her relationship with God and with us. Throughout the last two decades, there has been an increasing interest in three words used to honor Our Blessed Mother and describe her role in our regard: Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate. Continue reading

CUF Update – May/June 2007

News and Notes from Our Headquarters CUF From the May/Jun 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Bishops Join CUF Advisory Council Three bishops from across the United States have graciously accepted invitations to join CUF’s episcopal advisory council.Bishop Robert W. Finn, Bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, gained mention in the March/April 2007 issue of Lay Witness because of his support for the newly founded organization Catholic Athletes for Christ (see “Kansas City Catholic,” p. 13). More recently, Bishop Finn has taken a strong stance against pornography in his pastoral letter “Blessed are the Pure in Heart,” which … Continue reading

Faces of Virtue: Personal Virtue in the Quest for Peace

Donald DeMarco From the May/Jun 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Many aeons ago, when I was in junior high, a colleague won an oratorical contest by expatiating on the theme, “A Bomb of Peace.” If there can be a bomb that destroys, he reasoned, why can’t there be a bomb that showers people with peace? His philosophy may have been weak, but his rhetoric was irresistible, especially at a time when “fear of the bomb” was a national anxiety. Junior high students, even champions of oratory, can be forgiven their naïveté. It may seem to be a hard truth, … Continue reading

Faith of Our Fathers: Marketplace of Ideas

Mike Aquilina From the May/Jun 2007 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine In the middle of the fourth century, St. Gregory of Nyssa gave in to a fit of complaint. Ordinary people, he said, were spending entirely too much time talking about theology. “Mere youths and tradesmen, off-hand dogmatists in theology, servants too, and slaves that have been flogged . . . are solemn with us and philosophical about things incomprehensible . . . If you ask for change someone philosophizes to you on the begotten and the unbegotten.” And the problem followed poor Gregory wherever he went in the marketplace. … Continue reading