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A Higher Standard – November 2000

Various From the Nov 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine And I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea, and all therein, saying, “To him who sits upon the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and might for ever and ever!” -Revelation 5:13 The liturgical year, devotedly fostered and accompanied by the Church, is not a cold and lifeless representation of the events of the past, or a simple and bare record of a former age. It is rather Christ Himself who is ever living in … Continue reading

A Lesson on Love

Families for Life Mary Ann Kuharski From the Nov 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Our family recently said our final goodbye to a little lady who had become like “one of the family” to us. Gen and her husband Lu lived up the street and were members of our church, where Lu serves faithfully each Sunday as an usher. Gen and Lu delighted in seeing our “brood” pour into the front pews each week. (We needed two in the early years.) They would fuss over the children, as they’d often stop to visit or chat with us after Mass, … Continue reading

Book Reviews – November 2000

Various From the Nov 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Reconquering Sacred Space Rediscovering Tradition in Twentieth Century Liturgical Architecture by Duncan Stroik edited by Christiano Rosponi and Giampaolo Rossi reviewed by James Likoudis Editrice il Bosco e la Nave, Rome 1999. This important volume is an insightful collection of 10 bilingual essays (adjoining Italian and English columns) reminding us of our stunning Catholic heritage in the area of church architecture. It includes photographic sections manifesting the efforts of modern architects to restore the “sense of the sacred” in the building of contemporary churches. They provide sublime expression to the … Continue reading

Embodiment and Morality

Behold the Man: the Philosophy of Pope John Paul II John F. Crosby From the Nov 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine John F. Crosby is the chairman of the Philosophy Department at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Dr. Crosby is also a member of CUF’s board of directors. “Behold the Man” is a ten-part series on the personalist philosophy of Pope John Paul II. This is the ninth installment. In our last installment we got acquainted with Pope John Paul II’s teaching on the embodiment of human persons. We saw how strongly he affirms the destiny of the human body … Continue reading

Heaven On Earth: What I Found at My First Mass

Scott Hahn From the Nov 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine There I stood, a man incognito, a Protestant minister in plainclothes, slipping into the back of a Catholic chapel in Milwaukee to witness my first Mass. Curiosity had driven me there, and I still didn’t feel sure that it was healthy curiosity. Studying the writings of the earliest Christians, I’d found countless references to “the liturgy,” “the Eucharist,” “the sacrifice.” For those first Christians, the Bible-the book I loved above all-was incomprehensible apart from the event that today’s Catholics called “the Mass.” I wanted to understand the early Christians, … Continue reading

Joining Our Hearts to Christ: The Liturgical Reform Today

Fr. James P. Maroney From the Nov 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The recent publication of the third edition of the Missale Romanum and the soon expected publication of the Roman Missal and Lectionary for Mass for the dioceses of the United States provide bishops, liturgists, and indeed all faithful followers of Christ with the opportunity to pause and reflect on the liturgical reform which has brought these liturgical books about. I will reflect briefly on some of the successes of the liturgical reform in order that we might continue this noble work, acknowledging our fallibility and once again … Continue reading

Modern Day Shepherds: The Rite of Ordination to the Episcopate

Fr. Charles Mangan From the Nov 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Ordination to the episcopate, priesthood, or diaconate is an event of great consequence in the life of the Catholic Church. The Sacrament of Holy Orders, which, like the other six sacraments, was instituted directly by Jesus Christ, is paramount for the preaching of the Holy Gospel and the celebration of the sacraments- indeed, for the continuation of the Church herself. Let’s briefly look at the Rite of Ordination to the episcopate, which is saturated with meaning for the Church that the Savior founded. Before a man can be … Continue reading

Patience and Commitment

Heartbeats Donald DeMarco From the Nov 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine “HeartBeats” is a regular column on the virtues by popular Lay Witness contributor Donald DeMarco. Dr. DeMarco is a professor of philosophy at the University of St. Jerome’s College in Waterloo , Ontario. The Many Faces of Virtue, a collection of essays on the virtues by Dr. DeMarco, is now available through Emmaus Road Publishing (see ad on opposite page). For information on other DeMarco titles, call Benedictus Books toll-free at (888) 316-2640. CUF members receive a 10% discount. Life is certainly confusing, especially if you have no … Continue reading

Praying with the Church

From the President Leon J. Suprenant, Jr. From the Nov 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine I still vividly recall entering a religious community in the mid- 1980s. A native of Los Angeles and a fairly recent law school graduate, I knew I was stepping into a very different environment. As I settled into this life, I realized that I was doing many of the same things I had been doing before entering this community. I had already become accustomed to daily Mass and Holy Hours. The studies (I was preparing for the priesthood) likewise came naturally to a “professional … Continue reading

Reclaiming Our Heritage: The Liturgy of the Hours in the Life of the Faithful

Richard Russell From the Nov 2000 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Liturgy is the action that gives expression to the reality of our faith. The word “liturgy” comes from the Greek word leitourgia, meaning a public work or service. The early Christian communities used it to refer to their acts of communal prayer and worship. Today, many people have come to equate the term liturgy with the Mass, so much so that one modern dictionary gives its primary definition as “the rite of the Eucharist.” While most Catholics recognize that there are other liturgical actions than the Mass, many are … Continue reading