Lay Witness Magazine

Table of Contents: November/December 2001

Broken Wings

by Chris Erickson I had just returned from a three-day snowmobile trip in Wyoming’s Sawtooth range with my brother, Fr. Dave. I call them “retreats”-health, vigor, beauty, outdoors, time to reflect. My wife Jody and my seven children greeted me with their usual fanfare. My world was bursting with life! But that would soon change. The events that followed over the next seven months could make a sequel to the Book of Job. It began in February with my dear friend Lionnel. He was in ICU at the local hospital. I arrived at his beside to see him arrayed in … Continue reading

House of God Foundations

by Michael S. Rose The moveable tent-like sanctuary of the Hebrews is the earliest known structure in Judeo culture to establish a sacred place, one that was specifically meant to be a “house of God.” In Latin this tent sanctuary is called tabernaculum, meaning “little tent,” from which our contemporary word “tabernacle” is derived. Whereas the tabernacles of the Christian churches are designed to hold the presence of God in His Sacrament of the Eucharist, Israel’s tabernacle in the wilderness housed the presence of God in a different way. Under the direction of Moses, the tabernacle was constructed to house … Continue reading

In Brief

Holy Father’s Intentions Pope John Paul II has announced the following general and missionary intentions for November and December 2001: November That holy and exemplary men and women may be our companions in proclaiming boldly the Gospel of the kingdom of God. That, through the active participation of Christians, the mass media may become instruments of missionary evangelization. December That Christians may free themselves from the subtle forms of cultural conditioning which prevent them from recognizing the dignity and rights of others. That Christian humanism may illumine, through Gospel values, the cultures of Asia. Military Action Can Be Morally Justified … Continue reading

True Compassion

By Leon Suprenant In each issue of Lay Witness I try to draw upon some personal experiences and practical wisdom to help set the tone for the issue. This often is challenging, but never more so than it is for this issue devoted to the Christian understanding of suffering. I have heard all my life from my elders-what Tom Brokaw has called America’s greatest generation-that I really don’t know what suffering is. Perhaps they’re right. Certainly I have not suffered like those many victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Nor have I suffered like Lay Witness managing editor … Continue reading