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An Issue that Won’t Go Away!

Families for Life Mary Ann Kuharski From the Nov/Dec 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Mary Ann Kuharski is a homemaker and mother of 13, six of whom are adopted and of mixed races, most with special needs. She is the author of several books, including Raising Catholic Children, Parenting with Prayer, and Building a Legacy of Love. She is also the director of PROLIFE Across AMERICA, a non-profit organization that uses billboard, television, radio, and newspaper advertisements to provide positive, persuasive pro-life messages. For more information, visit Have you ever noticed that every time there’s an election season—or … Continue reading

Are You Ready?

At a Glance Leon Suprenant From the Nov/Dec 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine It’s football season once again, and my five-year-old son Samuel and I camped out in the basement on the first weekend of the season as we stayed up to watch Notre Dame’s opening game. As we said our prayers in our sleeping bags following Notre Dame’s defeat of Georgia Tech that night, Samuel quoted one of his favorite lines from the football movie Rudy: “Notre Dame, our Mother, pray for us!” My pious son was praying for victory. He was not, however, thinking of a great … Continue reading

Awaiting His Coming – Advent Traditions for the Family

Donna G. McMaster From the Nov/Dec 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine When my youngest daughter was four years old, she dressed herself for Mass during Advent in typical childlike fashion, complete with messy pigtails. With her hair fixed and my smile of approval, Dannika happily planted herself between her teenage brother and me in the front pew of the church. When Mass ended, the priest drifted close to my attentive family while giving his closing remarks. Without warning, my daughter tore off her shoes and threw them near the altar, thrusting her wiggling toes over the top of the … Continue reading

Back to the Garden: Theology of the Body from Eden to Today

Love and Responsibility Edward P. Sri From the Nov/Dec 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Edward P. Sri is a professor of theology and Scripture at the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado ( He is the author of or contributor to several Emmaus Road books, including his latest book, Queen Mother, which is based on his doctoral dissertation. He resides with his wife, Elizabeth, and their four children in Littleton, Colorado. All references in this column to John Paul II’s Theology of the Body are taken from the 1997 edition, published by the Daughters of St. Paul. These books may … Continue reading

Book Reviews – November/December 2006

Various From the Nov/Dec 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The books reviewed in this issue are available through Benedictus Books. Call them toll-free at (888) 316-2640. CUF members receive a 10% discount. Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace: My Spiritual Journey in Opus Dei by Scott Hahn reviewed by Luke W. Crawford Doubleday, 2006. I often find myself wishing I had more time. How nice it would be to attend morning Mass each day—if only I could start my workday a little later. How great it would be to observe a full holy hour this evening—if only I hadn’t promised my … Continue reading

Catholic Quiz – Advent

CUF From the Nov/Dec 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine By recalling the preparation for the coming of the Messiah, the four weeks of Advent are meant to draw today’s Christian faithful into a renewed expectancy of Christ’s Second Coming. This issue’s quiz tests readers’ knowledge of the liturgical season of Advent. 1. When does Advent officially begin in the Latin Rite? a. The Sunday closest to the Feast of St. Andrew b. Evening Prayer I of the Sunday which falls on or closest to November 30 c. On a date selected arbitrarily by the United States Conference of Catholic … Continue reading

Chapter News – November/December 2006

CUF Members at Work CUF From the Nov/Dec 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine We welcome the formation of two new CUF chapters in California. The Mother of the Eucharist Chapter in Orange County has begun under Chairman Steve Lovison, who recently provided information about the new chapter at the Catholic Family Conference in Anaheim, which he attended with Emmaus Road Publishing Editor Regis Flaherty. Another CUF chapter now exists in San Bernardino under Chairman James Sheridan. Member Spotlight Miriam Lewis Requiescat In Pace Miriam Cecelia Lewis of Sacramento, California, a pillar of the St. Peter Canisius Chapter when it … Continue reading

Ecumenism: In the Nick of Time

Faith of Our Fathers Mike Aquilina From the Nov/Dec 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine There’s a certain kind of Catholic—usually male, but not always—who likes nothing more than a good inter-Christian tussle. Blogger Mark Shea once wrote that if these guys weren’t so devout, they’d be hanging around bars picking fights. Their model, among the ancient Christians, is no doubt St. Nicholas of Myra, who reportedly punched the heretic Arius in the nose at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD (Yes, I mean Santa Claus. And the story goes that a profusion of blood came forth from Arius. … Continue reading

Evoking the Divine: The Organ and Sacred Music

The Pope Speaks Pope Benedict XVI From the Nov/Dec 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The following greeting was given at the blessing of a new organ at Regensburg’s Alte Kapelle on September 13. This venerable house of God, the Basilica of “Our Lady of the Old Chapel,” has been splendidly refurbished—as we can see—and today receives a new organ, which will now be blessed and solemnly dedicated to its proper aim: the glorification of God and the strengthening of faith. An important contribution to the renewal of sacred music in the 19th century was made by a canon of … Continue reading

Faith for the Next Generation

Faces of Virtue Donald DeMarco From the Nov/Dec 2006 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Donald DeMarco is professor emeritus of philosophy at St. Jerome’s University in Waterloo, Ontario. He also teaches at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut, and continues to work as a corresponding member of the Pontifical Academy for Life. His newest book, Architects of the Culture of Death, was released in April of last year. He is also the author of The Many Faces of Virtue , which is a collection of favorite Lay Witness columns. To order Dr. DeMarco’s books, call Benedictus Books toll-free … Continue reading