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5 Minutes with Archbishop Raymond L. Burke

Mike Sullivan From the Nov/Dec 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine 5 minutes with Archbishop Raymond L. Burke Would you reflect briefly on your decision to become a priest? What was the environment that led you to the priesthood? I grew up in a good Catholic family. My parents were very serious about I grew up in a good Catholic family. My parents were very serious about the practice of the faith. We children were given an early introduction to the faith; certainly the center of it was Sunday Mass, but also the family Rosary and other devotions, the May … Continue reading

Apostle to the Gentiles: Let Us Go Rejoicing

Scott Hahn From the Nov/Dec 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The doctrine of St. Paul is too rich to be summarized well. So I would like to end our year’s reflections with simple recourse to one short passage from St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians-the book that commentators call the “Epistle of Joy.” In fact, the word “joy” appears more often in that letter than in all of Paul’s other letters put together. After a year of studying his life and work, St. Paul would want us to go forward joyfully, just as he dismissed the Philippians at the … Continue reading

Ask CUF: Does the Anglican Church Have a Valid Priesthood?

Does the Anglican/Episcopal Church have a valid priesthood? When an Anglican priest consecrates the bread and wine does it become the Body and Blood of Our Lord? The ability to validly confect the Blessed Sacrament rests upon the valid celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Valid orders, in turn, rests on apostolic succession, which, originating from the Apostles, is the passing on of the apostolic commission in lines of successive bishops, one bishop validly ordaining the next. The essential rite of the sacrament of Holy Orders for all three degrees [deacon, priest, and bishop] consists in the bishop’s imposition … Continue reading

Catholics and Healthcare Reform – An Interview with Bishop Robert F. Vasa

In late October, Bishop Vasa sat down with Mike Sullivan to talk about healthcare. The two were attending the Catholic Medical Association’s annual conference; Bishop Vasa is the episcopal advisor for the CMA. Following the interview, Bishop Vasa added, “I was asked what the most critical issues were, and while the issues I have touched on are certainly identified as the most critical, they are not by any means the only issues. Others include a faithful application of the Church social teaching, which the House bill does not necessarily properly represent, as well as the principle of subsidiarity. I know … Continue reading

Forming Tomorrow’s Priests: An Interview with Fr. James Wehner

Sarah Rozman From the Nov/Dec 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Fr. James Wehner, S.T.D., is rector and president of the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio. The Josephinum is the only seminary outside Italy under pontifical status. Fr. Wehner previously served as rector of St. Paul Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fr. Wehner had to postpone our original conversation on account of both an unexpected fire drill and a surprise visit from a bishop. I caught up with him a day later, before he headed to Mass with the “sems,” and asked him about seminary formation, responding to dissent, his … Continue reading

From Our Founder: On Holy Ground

H. Lyman Stebbins From the Nov/Dec 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The following is H. Lyman Stebbins’ Christmas letter from the December 1979 issue of Lay Witness. Visit Lay Witness to read more articles by Stebbins. “Brightness and beautifulness shall appear at the end, and shall not lie; if it make delay, wait for it, for it shall surely come, and shall not be slack” (cf. Hab. 2:3). Always again we notice the contrast between the boisterousness and noise of our Christmas “holiday season” and the silence and joyful sobriety of that day when Christ was born in Bethlehem. … Continue reading

From the Editor’s Desk – November/December 2009

Sarah Rozman From the Nov/Dec 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine When Pope Benedict XVI wrote his letter proclaiming the Year for Priests, he drew our attention to St. John Vianney’s emphasis on the Sacrament of Confession. “In his time,” writes the Pope, “the Curé of Ars was able to transform the hearts and the lives of so many people because he enabled them to experience the Lord’s merciful love.” All priests have the awesome role of reconciling man with God. In the Sacrament of Confession, through the person of the priest, we experience the merciful love of Jesus Christ. … Continue reading

In Brief – November/December 2009

CUF From the Nov/Dec 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Toward the East in the Diocese of Tulsa Most Rev. Edward J. Slattery, the Bishop of Tulsa and a CUF episcopal advisor, has restored the “ad orientum” (“toward the east”) position when he celebrates Mass at his cathedral. This means that the priest and the people face the same direction during Mass. Bishop Slattery explained his decision in an article in Eastern Oklahoma Catholic, the magazine of the Diocese of Tulsa. By returning to this practice, said Bishop Slattery, he is responding to the Pope’s encouragement that we “draw upon … Continue reading

Indulgences for the Year for Priests

CUF From the Nov/Dec 2009 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine For the Year for Priests, the Church has provided the faithful with special indulgences. These are grace-filled opportunities for the remission of temporal punishment or consequences due to sin Plenary Indulgence The faithful may obtain a plenary indulgence on the first and last days of the Year for Priests, on the 150th anniversary of St. John Vianney’s death, on the first Thursday of the month, or on any other day established by the local ordinary. A couple of those dates have already passed, but many first Thursdays (as well as … Continue reading

Links from the November/December 2009 Lay Witness

Indulgences for the Year for Priests Indulgences (CUF Faith Fact) Decree: Special Indulgence for the Year for Priests (from the Apostilic Penitentiary) USCCB webpage for the Year for Priests The New York Times and Abortion Abortion Foes Tell of Their Journey to the Streets Behind the Scenes: Picturing Fetal Remains (Note: contains graphic images) Government Tries to Force Belmont Abbey College to Pay for Contraception Belmont Abbey College retains religious liberty law firm to defend itself against EEOC (contains links to the letters from the EEOC) Support Belmont Abbey College’s defense Toward the East in the Diocese of Tulsa Ad … Continue reading