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Book Reviews – September/October 2002

Various From the Sep/Oct 2002 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The Second Spring of the Church in America by Msgr. George A. Kelly reviewed by Jim Likoudis St. Augustine’s Press, 2001. No analyst of the American Catholic scene has been more diligent in chronicling its fortunes and writing with greater perception and knowledge concerning the “crisis of faith” that continues to afflict the Church in the United States than Msgr. George A. Kelly. As a pastor, professor, professional social scientist, and venerable founder of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, Msgr. Kelly has been in an ideal position to gauge the … Continue reading

Chapter News – September/October 2002

The Beauty of the Truth CUF From the Sep/Oct 2002 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine San Jose, CA. We welcome our new Guardian of the Redeemer Chapter, whose officers are Chairman Elizabeth Lam, Secretary Gabrielle LeBlanc, and Treasurer Mary Ellen Tanberg. Members of this chapter have been spreading devotion to St. Joseph and have regularly prayed the Liturgy of the Hours at their meetings. In seeking God’s blessings on its activities, the chapter has been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in accordance with the method of St. Louis de Montfort. A special potluck dinner was arranged for Leon … Continue reading

Common Priesthood, Uncommon Service: Why Women Shouldn’t Seek Ordination

Maria Rivera From the Sep/Oct 2002 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine As a child of the post-Vatican II Church, the product of the era of feminism, and a member of a capitalistic society, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised by women who want to be priests badly enough to buy billboard space to declare their message: “Are you waiting for a sign from God? Here it is: Ordain women.” Yet, instead of cheering in the name of equality, I was distraught. Rather than driving on like a “liberated” woman, like a consumer used to societal permissiveness and marketing schemes, something inside … Continue reading

Crowned with 12 Stars

Joseph Almeida From the Sep/Oct 2002 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine This series explores the collected Marian writings of St. Lawrence of Brindisi, Doctor of the Church. Translating these writings into English for the first time is Joseph Almeida, associate professor of classics at Franciscan University of Steubenville. This is the fifth installment. In continuing his series of sermons on St. John’s vision of the woman clothed with the sun, St. Lawrence considers in the fifth of his seven sermons the meaning of the lady’s crown of 12 stars. His reflections amount to nothing less than a commentary on the … Continue reading

CUF News – September/October 2002

CUF From the Sep/Oct 2002 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Meet the CUF Staff CUF president Leon Suprenant and staff members Jeff Ziegler and Tom Nash will be on the road the next couple months. If any of their stops are in your neckof the woods, please plan on meeting them. For more information on any of these events, call CUF toll-free at (800) MYFAITH. Precious Treasure Emmaus Road Publishing’s 18th and newest title is Precious Treasure: The Story of Patrick by Elizabeth Matthews, a mother of 10 who lives in Indiana. Matthews never expected her son Patrick to be … Continue reading


Heartbeats Donald DeMarco From the sep/oct 2002 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine “HeartBeats” is a regular column on the virtues by popular Lay Witness contributor Donald DeMarco. Dr. DeMarco is a professor of philosophy at the University of St. Jerome’s College in Waterloo, Ontario. The Many Faces of Virtue, a collection of essays on the virtues by Dr. DeMarco, may be ordered by calling Emmaus Road Publishing at (800) 398-5470. For information on other DeMarco titles, call Benedictus Books toll-free at (888) 316-2640. CUF members receive a 10% discount. Shortly after the third birthday of her firstborn, Mabel and her … Continue reading

God’s Gift to His Bride: Priestly Celibacy

From the sep/oct 2002 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine ISSUE: What is priestly celibacy? Does priestly celibacy have a biblical and historical basis? Is this an unchangeable doctrine or a discipline that can and should be modified? What are some objections to mandatory priestly celibacy? RESPONSE: Celibacy is the choice to remain unmarried for the sake of the kingdom of God. Celibacy is a vocation, a gift from God freely accepted and a sacrifice freely undertaken by those responding to His call to the consecrated life. As a discipline, celibacy serves to conform the priest more fully to Christ. The Latin Church … Continue reading

Height and Light for the New Jerusalem

Sacred Space Michael S. Rose From the sep/oct 2002 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Innovative Romanesque elements such as the ambulatory and the masonry vault became more common during the early 12th century, as the emerging Gothic culture left its mark on the refined Romanesque architecture of the day. During the later decades of the same century, in fact, many other Romanesque elements were being transformed into Gothic. The pointed arch, for instance, superseded the semicircular arches of the Romanesque, and the multitude of carved figures used in Romanesque ornamentation were not only used to adorn the vast cavernous portals … Continue reading

Holiness, the Church, and the Road Less Traveled

Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. From the sep/oct 2002 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Before I was a bishop and even before I was a priest, I became a Capuchin Franciscan. The Capuchins were a reform movement within the Franciscan community. They wanted to get back to the real St. Francis; the radical, simple St. Francis. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Francis of Assisi has always had a big place in my life. History calls Francis the vir Catholicus-the embodiment of everything a Catholic believer should be; a person filled with faith, joy, simplicity, courage, charity, and … Continue reading

In Brief – September/October 2002

CUF From the sep/oct 2002 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Holy Father’s Intentions Pope John Paul II has announced the following general and missionary intentions for September and October 2002: September For children and young people in Catholic schools, that in the course of their training they may encounter strong and wise educators who will help them to grow in their religious faith and healthy attitudes to life. That the Holy Spirit, through the contribution of the Church and ecclesial communities, may help the two states of the Korean peninsula to rediscover the deep reasons for their reconciliation. October That … Continue reading