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A Laboratory for Democracy in the Church?

Russell Shaw From the Sep/Oct 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Has American Catholicism become a laboratory for a large-scale experiment in democracy? In the aftermath of the sex abuse scandal, it looks as if it has. Whether that ultimately will turn out to be good news or bad is anybody’s guess. To some extent, this sudden turn of events arises from an ongoing effort to explore and apply the complex ecclesiology of the Second Vatican Council found in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium. Looked at realistically, though, it probably has even more to do—at least, up … Continue reading

A Radical Message for the People of God

Colleen Carroll Campbell From the Sep/Oct 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Like so many other teachings of the Second Vatican Council, the central lessons of the second chapter of Lumen Gentium have been widely misunderstood and caricatured. Catholics seeking to remake the mystical body of Christ into a representative democracy have seized on this chapter’s description of the Church as “the People of God.” That description, they say, justifies a radical rethinking of the Catholic faith. In one respect, at least, they are right. The teachings of Chapter Two, “On the People of God,” are radical—in the best sense … Continue reading

Book Reviews – September/October 2004

“Worthy is the Lamb,” “All the Pope’s Men,” and “Letters to a Young Catholic” Michael Miller, Brian O’Neel, and Russell Shaw From the Sep/Oct 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Worthy is the Lamb The Biblical Roots of the Mass by Thomas J. Nash reviewed by Michael J. Miller Ignatius Press, 2004. During the years right after the Second Vatican Council, talking about the Mass as a sacrifice went out of fashion. In some quarters, the theological truths about the Blessed Sacrament that the Council of Trent had taken such pains to define were cast off like a confining straitjacket. … Continue reading

Chapter News – September/October 2004

Faithful Service CUF From the Sep/Oct 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine CUF chapters are continuing to expand. We welcome the formation of the following three new chapters: Our Lady of Life Chapter in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL, whose founding chairman is Mrs. Colleen Murray; St. Joseph Chapter in Dayton, OH, chaired by Michael Goetz; and Mary the Morning Star Chapter in Billings, MT, which is chaired by Tami Schroeder. Columbus, IN. Secretary Eileen Hartman of our Abba Father Chapter reports that members held a CUF morning of reflection with Msgr. Joseph Schaedel speaking on “Called To Be … Continue reading

Consecrated to Christ – How the “Vowed Life” Builds Up the Church

Charles M. Mangan From the Sep/Oct 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The always-relevant theme of the vowed life as publicly professed by consecrated men and women is treated in its own chapter in the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on the Church (Lumen Gentium, nos. 43-47). Forty years after the promulgation of Lumen Gentium, it is time to explore again precisely what the Council Fathers asserted concerning the evangelical councils of poverty, chastity, and obedience and those who profess them. How can a renewed understanding of Chapter 6, whose title is “Religious” but also has certain application for those … Continue reading


Donald DeMarco From the Sep/Oct 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine “HeartBeats” is a regular column on the virtues by popular Lay Witness contributor Donald DeMarco. Dr. DeMarco is professor emeritus of philosophy at St. Jerome’s University in Waterloo, Ontario. He also teaches at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut, and continues to work as a corresponding member of the Pontifical Academy for Life. His newest book, Architects of the Culture of Death was released in April. He is also the author of The Many Faces of Virtue . If you enjoy Dr. DeMarco’s column, you’ll love The … Continue reading

CUF News – September/October 2004

Apostolic Works CUF From the Sep/Oct 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine CUF Interns Far and Wide Many of CUF’s former interns have taken important roles in the Church as priests, nuns, teachers, advisors, writers, and even missionaries. One such intern, Carole Brown, has sold her belongings and has devoted herself entirely to answering the Holy Father’s call for a new evangelization. She will be working as a missionary in Eastern and Western Europe. Carole was an intern at CUF in 1994-95 then went on to work at Franciscan University of Steubenville as director of evangelistic outreach. She has spent … Continue reading

CUF Replies – September/October 2004

Answers You Can Trust CUF From the Sep/Oct 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Is “Jehovah” an acceptable pronunciation of the name of God? The Church neither uses nor prohibits the use of “Jehovah” when referring to God. In ancient Hebrew, the written word for God was “YHWH.” This is called the “tetragrammaton.” The correct pronunciation of the tetragrammaton is not actually known. This is because, originally, written Hebrew had no vowels. Verbal language is prior to the written, and readers of Hebrew knew which words were symbolized without the help of vowels. Thus, we have no ancient manuscripts that … Continue reading

Envoy of the Messiah – The Voyage at Sea

Stephen Pimentel From the Sep/Oct 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Having granted Paul’s appeal to the imperial court, Festus placed him in the custody of a centurion along with other prisoners with orders that they be transported to Rome (cf. Acts 27:1). Thus commenced a remarkable and nearly disastrous voyage by sea that powerfully exemplifies God’s providence to the eyes of faith. Although Paul and his companions came very close to death, God so guided the course of events that all of them were safely delivered. No miraculous interventions occurred during the sea voyage, yet through prayer and fortitude … Continue reading

Fr. Bill Carmody

Good Shepherds Molly Mulqueen From the Sep/Oct 2004 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine “Good Shepherds” is a regular column devoted to priests who with God’s grace have been exemplary ministers of the Gospel. Fr. Bill Carmody of Colorado Springs is known throughout Colorado as an outspoken prolife leader. He has spent an activists’ fair share of time at pro-life rallies on the steps of the state capitol in Denver, usually with a busload of teenagers from his youth group in tow. Fr. Bill also says Mass and leads the Rosary every Saturday morning— rain, snow, or shine—in the parking lot … Continue reading