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40 Fruitful Years In the Vineyard

CUF From the Sep/Oct 2008 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Please see attached PDF for CUF Timeline Associated PDF File: This article is available as a PDF download You may need to obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to use this PDF file.

All in the Family: Margaret Sanger Is Alive and Still Not Well

Gerald Korson From the Sep/Oct 2008 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Depending on one’s position on the ethics of abortion and contraception, Margaret Sanger is either an opportunistic eugenicist or a 20th-century heroine of reproductive freedom for women. Today’s “pro-choice” organizations—particularly Planned Parenthood, which Sanger herself founded—go to great rhetorical lengths to present her as the latter and defend her memory against charges that she was the former. The public-relations task is not an easy one for the nation’s largest purveyors of abortion and contraception, especially given the fact that the most damning evidence of Sanger’s eugenic views comes from … Continue reading

Ask CUF: What is Consecration to the Sacred Heart or Immaculate Heart?

What does it mean when someone consecrates himself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus or the Immaculate Heart of Mary? A consecration, strictly speaking, is the dedication of a person or thing to God and His service. As our Creator, only God has the right to our total dedication. In this sense, an act of consecration brings about a new status or condition of belonging exclusively to God. Consecration also refers to the conversion of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, the making of a bishop, the dedication of a church or chalice, etc. We are … Continue reading

Beyond Ex Corde Ecclesiae – Pope Benedict’s Vision for the Coming “Age of Universities”

Patrick J. Reilly From the Sep/Oct 2008 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine When Pope Benedict XVI summoned the presidents of all U.S. Catholic colleges as well as diocesan education officials to a meeting at the Catholic University of America (CUA) on April 17, even the secular media anticipated something momentous. The Holy Father did not disappoint. It was clear from the start that Pope Benedict placed high importance on this particular address, amid all the other activities during his historic visit to the United States. The visit’s organizers say that the Holy Father made three particular requests for his trip: … Continue reading

Book Reviews – September/October 2008

Various From the Sep/Oct 2008 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The books reviewed in this issue are available through Benedictus Books. Call them toll-free at (888) 316-2640. CUF members receive a 10% discount. The Signs of the Times Understanding the Church Since Vatican II (Star of the Bay Press, 2008) by Fr. Richard W. Gilsdorf reviewed by James Likoudis Fr. Richard W. Gilsdorf (1930–2005) was a priest’s priest, a pastor, spiritual counselor, scholar, and lecturer. He was one of the first to grasp the crisis that gripped the Church after the Council. With insight and tact, he exposed dissent and … Continue reading

Book Reviews: Buried in a Good Book

CUF From the Sep/Oct 2008 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine “What do you read, my lord?” “Words, words, words.” (Hamlet, Act II, scene ii) In these pages, CUF staff and members offer our top picks-books that have inspired, delighted, and instructed us in the faith. The diverse selection reflects our own diverse tastes and personalities-and the abundant variety that is found in the body of Christ. We hope that our favorites might help you to find a new favorite. Mike Sullivan CUF President We Die Standing Up and One Foot in the Cradle by Dom Hubert Van Zeller, O.S.B. As … Continue reading

CUF Link – September/October 2008

CUF From the Sep/Oct 2008 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Here, There, & Everywhere CUF president Mike Sullivan joined other Catholic leaders and well-wishers in New York City to celebrate Fr. John Harvey’s 90th birthday. Fr. Harvey founded Courage, an apostolate that “assists men and women with same-sex attractions in living chaste lives in fellowship, truth, and love.” He has been untiring in his work to help people know and live the Church’s teachings, especially in the area of chastity. learn about Fr. Harvey’s new book, Homosexuality and the Catholic Church: Clear Answers to Difficult Questions, on page 10. In … Continue reading

CUF Mailbox – September/October 2008

Various From the Sep/Oct 2008 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine We welcome your original comments on editorials, columns, articles, and other items in Lay Witness. Letters to the editor of 300 or fewer words have the best chance of being published. Send letters to the editor, corrections, and clarifications to Managing Editor Sarah Rozman at < Rational Response To Scott Hahn, Benjamin Wiker, and the employees of Emmaus Road Publishing, I recently purchased Answering the New Atheism by Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker. As a young Catholic seminarian (and college graduate with degrees in biology and philosophy), I have … Continue reading

Emmaus Road Publishing – 10 Years Old and Going Strong

CUF From the Sep/Oct 2008 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine “Did not our hearts burn within us…while he opened to us the scriptures?” -Luke 24:32 Recognizing the great need for authentically Catholic Bible studies and formational materials, Scott Hahn, Curtis Martin, and Leon Suprenant, along with the staff and board of directors for Catholics United for the Faith, founded Emmaus Road Publishing n 1998. Their goal was to enkindle in Catholics a renewed ardor for their faith and a new desire to meet Christ through His Word. The founders selected the name “Emmaus Road Publishing” based on the passage in … Continue reading

Evangelization and the Laity

H. Lyman Stebbins From the Sep/Oct 2008 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine The following is condensed from a talk given by H. Lyman Stebbins, founder of Catholics United for the Faith, in 1976, eight years after the founding of the apostolate. In our first brochure, published in 1968, we said: Catholics United for the Faith . . . is convinced that it could do an enormous work even if its members’ only activity were study, prayer, fasting, and works of mercy and love towards our neighbor. We believe that these are, necessarily and objectively, prerequisites for the effectiveness of any … Continue reading