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Ask CUF: Does Catholic School Tuition Count toward Tithing?

Eric Stoutz From the Sep/Oct 2011 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Does Catholic school tuition count toward tithing? There is, plainly, more than one form of tithing. The tithe is originally a tax of goods taken for purposes related to worship. Abraham gave a tithe of his war gains to Melchizedek, “priest of God Most High” (Gen. 14:18). Jacob, seeing the blessing of God, consecrated a memorial stone, called that place Bethel (“House of God”), and promised a tenth “of all that thou givest me” (Gen. 27:18–22). When the twelve tribes of Israel moved into the Promised Land, the tribe … Continue reading

Book Reviews – September/October 2011

Various From the Sep/Oct 2011 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine (Servant, 2011) The new Roman Missal to be implemented this Advent offers a unique opportunity for catechesis on the liturgy. Mike Aquilina’s book Understanding the Mass: 100 Questions, 100 Answers arrives just in time to join the effort. Simple and straightforward yet engaging, Aquilina has  something for everyone interested in deeper participation at Mass. His style imitates the Mass itself; he writes, “To Catholics nothing is as common as the Mass . . . but it’s not a simple reality. It’s profound. It’s rich. It’s thick with symbolism. Its theology … Continue reading

Called to Holiness: An Interview with Brian J. Gail

Christina Novak From the Sep/Oct 2011 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine With the upcoming release of Childless, the third novel of his highly acclaimed series, Catholic author Brian J. Gail has now finished his chronicle of the American tragedy. His bestselling first novel, Fatherless (2009), has sold over 20,000 copies in some 20 different countries, and in its first two months, Motherless (2010) sold out its initial printing of 8,000 copies. “Nobody wants to hear hard sayings if they’re put as a ‘no.’ John Paul II presented the theology of the body as a glorious yes,” he observed during [a] … Continue reading

Chastity Formation in the Home and School: A Parent’s Guide

Catholics United for the Faith From the Sep/Oct 2011 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. — Genesis 1:27 Sexuality, the gift of imaging God as a man or woman, is written into the story of man’s creation. Of all the gifts God has bestowed on the human person, it is, in a certain sense, the most fundamental. It is who we are: a man or a woman. It shapes how we live and love. Above all, it reveals that … Continue reading

Dietrich von Hildebrand: His Fidelity, His Life, His Legacy

Donald DeMarco From the Sep/Oct 2011 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine In his Way to Wisdom, the distinguished German philosopher, Karl Jaspers, expands upon his observation that the innate disposition to philosophize is evident in human beings at a very early age. This natural gift of reacting spontaneously to the spontaneity of life, however, is often lost as the years advance. Then, as Jaspers laments, “we seem to enter into a prison of conventions and opinions, concealments and unquestioned acceptance, and there we lose the candour of childhood.” Yet, not everyone, to be sure, loses this “candour of childhood”. For … Continue reading

Education in the Service of Truth: Parents as Primary Educators and the Love of Learning

Miguel Gahan From the Sep/Oct 2011 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine One does not have to listen to many political speeches or debates before hearing about the importance of supporting and improving public education. It is good and proper that the public should be concerned about improving the education of our youth; however, what is generally missing in the debates and speeches is a concentrated emphasis on the role that the parents play as the primary educators and the teleological purpose of education. Recognizing the problem with public education and creating a home environment that helps amend the problem should … Continue reading

If You Want to Fail at Home Schooling . . .

Kimberly Hahn From the Sep/Oct 2011 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine (1) . . . don’t make time for God. You can’t take time for prayer or Mass if do a good job home schooling. When we focus on the Lord first, we have greater peace and more energy to do everything else. When we spend time in prayer and Mass, we regain perspective: We become heavenly minded enough that we are earthly good. We submit our schedule, goals, and commitments to the Lord, believing that we will receive all the grace we need to do His will that day. … Continue reading

Looking at a Masterpiece: Details of the Last Judgment

This painting (circa 1432-35) in the Friary of San Marco in Florence, Italy, is a detail of the Last Judgment picturing the just on the right hand of Christ in glory. The artist Bl. Fra Angelico (1395-1455), a Dominican Friar, was beatified by Bl. John Paul II in 1982 for his holy life and his charity, especially toward the poor. He is unique in his ability to outwardly express his profound union with Christ—as well as the indwelling of God’s kingdom in his soul—as an artist of genius. Through his art he follows the Dominican motto: “Contemplata aliis tradere“—to pass … Continue reading

Master Catechist: Catholics Have the Primary Duty to Re-Evangelize America

Fr. John A Hardon, S.J., with Michael Mohr From the Sep/Oct 2011 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Fr. Hardon strongly defended the teachings of the Church throughout his life, courageously expounding those doctrines most fiercely under attack. He was recognized for his heroic efforts to catechize and to preach the truth “in season and out of season” with numerous honors and awards. After the emergence of the faulty catechesis that has plagued the Church for the past several decades, Father devoted more and more of his time to catechizing the faithful. He also organized a group of laity, the Marian … Continue reading

Open Mike: Communicating Virtue

Mike Sullivan From the Sep/Oct 2011 Issue of Lay Witness Magazine Dad, may I check my Facebook?” One daughter asks. “Daddy, can I get an email account?” Her younger sibling asks. “Daaaaaad, Molly’s on the cell phone again!” The preschooler exclaims. All this in the course of two minutes. What’s a father to do? Do we need all of these distractions? On the one hand, I could rashly pull the plug, cancel their accounts and keep the cell phone hidden. On the other hand, the cell phone is a necessary tool, and Facebook and email are the primary ways our … Continue reading