Questions and Answers

Can women be priests? How do I know if I’m “saved”? Is being Catholic just one choice among many options for Christians? These questions and more abound among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. And with so much information available in the digital age, it’s hard to know what is authentic Catholic teaching.

Think With the Church

Fortunately, Catholics United for the Faith has been answering questions faithfully since 1968. We’ve developed brief tracts, known as Faith Facts, that thoroughly and thoughtfully respond to various questions we’ve received over the years.

Browse through our extensive list of Faith Facts, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out our Catholic Responses department. A special service for CUF members, Catholic Responses exists to answer your specific questions about the Catholic faith.

“If you have a question about Catholic teaching, Faith Facts provide a clear, accurate, and understandable explanation of what it is we believe as Catholics.” –Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

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